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  1. Fenrari

    Have Room for FWA. Looking for More.

    I'm up for you rooming with me if you'd like to chat :)
  2. Fenrari

    Paying for a FWA related commission

    As you may or may not know, this year's FWA theme is Furry's in Love. I'm thinking of a door picture (something to hang on my hotel door to distinguish the room as mine) A header of "Fen's Pavilion of Sensual Pleasures" And then a naughty pic of my Fursona naked and a highly convenient...
  3. Fenrari

    Have Room for FWA. Looking for More.

    I'm still looking ladies and gents! Get a spot while you can!
  4. Fenrari

    Would like some ideas on fursuit makers.

    Hm... interesting... I've actually met a few of those fursuiters in person. I don't want to come off as rapey if you know what I mean.
  5. Fenrari

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Borderlands 2. Because Addy is willing to co-op with me :)
  6. Fenrari

    Have Room for FWA. Looking for More.

    The main thing you have to remember is that no two people's conception of "personal space" is the same. And that lies the issue with most furs.
  7. Fenrari

    Post Convention Traveling

    So up to late I've decided to add an extra day or two to my convention related travel plans. The extra day was supposed to be for me to be my inner tourist and travel around the town and see/do things in the area. This year I still have FWA, AC and RF to hit up. I'm quite familiar with the...
  8. Fenrari

    Have Room for FWA. Looking for More.

    It'd be nice to meet you as well. The sad thing with all of the rules I've set up is that I've had issues with them in the past. I don't randomly come up with shit :/ But yeah if you plan to get your own room, keep that in mind.
  9. Fenrari

    What was your biggest childhood disappointment?

    Fruit Stripe gum :(
  10. Fenrari

    Have Room for FWA. Looking for More.

    Good Day Fuzzies. Fenrari has 2 beds at FWA and is looking for roomies! I have the room for 4 nights Check In: March 14th (Thursday Aft) Check Out: March 17th (Monday Morn) Room will cost ~$160/person. Less depending on how many offers I get. Looking for 4 or 5 people total for room. If...
  11. Fenrari

    What's Your Poison?

    Poison? Being Lazywolf. That and being a foodie. Which I suppose leads me to be a lazywolf.
  12. Fenrari

    What better way to make friends than some free art?

    Your Art's adorable and I see much potential in your abilities :) But yeah if you're up for it and wanna draw Fenrari, my references are in my signature. And even if he doesn't fit your style, I'm still looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  13. Fenrari

    Would like some ideas on fursuit makers.

    Well I've tossed messages at a few people but most of them are too busy to do custom features like that. And I've been going through my con pictures and I've yet to see a really "smug" fursuit of any kind :(
  14. Fenrari

    Commissioning a Fenrari Fursuit (partial)

    Many Salutations to all of you. This wolf has a proposition to any who may endear him with a response. I've been looking to grab a partial for ages now. And now that I'm financially in a stable situation, I have the resources to purchase said suit. I'm considering a partial for the time...
  15. Fenrari

    Would like some ideas on fursuit makers.

    So I've been wanting a fursuit for ages now. And with stable job. And ya know not being homeless and broke and all; I can finally make this happen. But my main dilemma is that I can't find a fursuit maker for the life of me that has the right feel for a suit yet. I want a facial expression...
  16. Fenrari

    What're your feelings on the new flood protection FA has?

    The new one for images is really getting old. I'm not flooding the system. I'm just uploading pictures from FurCon. :/ And yes I have quite a few pictures that I plan to upload.
  17. Fenrari

    Hi, I'm Sirius

    Greetings New Wolf. And welcome to this platform of one's thoughts. Enjoy your stay :)
  18. Fenrari

    Looking for a Badge for delivery at FC

    I just realized I don't have a new badge for FC!!!!!! QUE HORROR! Something spaceyish. With a hint of cute? Smug and adorable obligatory factors too. Worse comes to worse I'll ask for Fen in a star trek themed badge. Think you can deliver to FC?
  19. Fenrari

    Roomie or two for Anthrocon 2013

    But rooms don't open up for another month!
  20. Fenrari

    FC13 will be my very first convention. Any tips.

    From a seasoned convention goer-> Have a back up plan. If your friends bail on you, make the best of it by making new friends. It's always good to have a tentative schedule of things you'd like to do that can be modified on the go.