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  1. Percy

    Midwest Furfest 2013

    So, MFF 2013 is only about 2 weeks away. How many of you will be there? I'll be there with Butterflygoddess. I'd love to get to meet some of you guys in person. o-o I'll be wearing a (grey) and white striped sweater on at least one of the days, so hopefully I should be easy to spot. It's also...
  2. Percy

    Anybody into rhythm games?

    Like DDR, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and the like? I've been a fan of rhythm games since I've first played DDR roughly 7-8 years ago. I'm really good at them, too (I know one or two people here at the forums that can vouch for me). I play one in particular called Stepmania, which is essentially...
  3. Percy

    A Banner for a Video-Game Related Livestream

    I've decided that I will probably get into streaming games pretty shortly... and decided that my stream page looks boring. >.> So I thought, why not request a banner? The banner doesn't have to be anything complex, just a simple living-room setting with a cartoony-chibiish me throwing a...
  4. Percy

    Looking to commission an icon full of SCIENCE.

    Well, by that I mean science themed. And no, my avatar on the forums here is here to stay to mesmerize the masses. What I'm looking for is an icon of my character wearing safety goggles and holding a test tube. I'm a soon-to-be chemistry major in college, and want a little something to signify...
  5. Percy

    Looking for full-body art of my fursona.

    Well, I now have some spare money. I also only have this avatar and another headshot of my fursona. I think that's not enough, so I'm now looking for a full-body piece for my first ever commission. I don't have a ref sheet (as noted in the title), but I have a text reference that I believe (and...
  6. Percy

    Looking for somebody to draw me an avatar.

    While I do love science, I can't keep this filler avatar forever. I wish I had an art reference, but I don't have funds for a ref sheet, and won't for another month or two. My signature has the link to my fursona's bio. Thank you very much in advance if any of you are kind enough to make one for me.
  7. Percy

    Well hello there, folks.

    I'm Percy, as you probably noticed. I'm 18 years old, and have somewhat seen myself as a furry for about a year or so, but never really had the will to socialize with others until recently. Now, I'm feeling more open and want to get to know other furries. I'm nobody special, but I think I could...