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  1. Nanakisan

    Main Site Website loads without style for brief moment on both themes per page

    Dunno if anyone else has been having this issue. But it is becoming quite annoying. It is only a brief moment the website loads without a style. Still gets your attention regardless when it keeps happening.
  2. Nanakisan

    Want ideas. give me ideas!!

    I want to get back into doing my 3D arts again. I miss it so much, small tiny projects now and then recently. Revived my will to do art again. But heres a catch my 3 year old art block is still crushing me! I need help making ideas happen. To give example of what i do. I work best with...
  3. Nanakisan

    Post what you want me to say

    Ok i'm throwing a bone here. A post with the same title was deleted for not being in the right area, so i'm posting it here. Basically i am in a severe state of boredom. So much so i want to do some recording. This is where you guys come in. You guys post whatg you want me to record. Be aware...
  4. Nanakisan

    I don't think i ever wrote one of these.

    I am such a glorious dunder head! For 7 years now I just realized I never wrote one of these here. God i am a idiot!! hahahah anyway hello salutations everyone. NOW GET OFF MAH LAWN DAMN IT!!! *shakes cane at*
  5. Nanakisan

    Anyone for some tetris?

    Been enjoying life on this site for playing competitive tetris. I'm bored and hosting a 6 player room. so if you want to give it a shot click the link and play against me. be warned i won't go easy. :D ah yes i would like to know who i play against could you send a reply about how it was? heh...
  6. Nanakisan

    TF2 Content project.

    Well guys lately i've had some odd ideas. Mostly thanks to my new love of the game Team Fortress 2. hahahahah As a 3D modeller and learning you can make your own stuff and import into the game i recently came up with some class based item sets. heres what i currently have I only lately came...
  7. Nanakisan

    Looking for linework artist.

    I am currently looking for someone who does good line work art at a low low price. I know hard thing to ask but its mostly for my now online fiances birthday on the 4th of august and i want to get him something special. I can only spend $5...hopefully someone answers this. The main idea is he...
  8. Nanakisan

    Robot dancing got sexy...or scary

    Simply put this has to be the most original way i have ever seen a professional body builder actually put on a show. truly impressive. plus! if used right this video would make a great range of motion ref for those that draw very complex muscle poses as this guy does some pretty funky stuff in...
  9. Nanakisan

    1$ Chubby Cheek Icons

    Greetings everyone I've decided i'm going to start making you guys my super cute chubby cheek icons for 1$ each with added features of course for more. You may ask for how much chubby you want in those cute wittle cheeks within a certain degree of course. They range from small to large...
  10. Nanakisan

    R.I.P Art Linkletter

    A great TV personality has been lost. May he rest in peace and be at peace to his meeting with the Almighty. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/27/arts/27linkletter.html?src=mv
  11. Nanakisan

    Free Doritos no joke

    Free Doritos EDIT:This is a scam do not enter! This topic is closed and the download has been deleted thanks to a user these coupons are fake and i do not want to get anyone in trouble using them. http://www.4shared.com/document/9rs8Ow0L/doritos.html
  12. Nanakisan

    Softballs allowed in court!

    well ok not for throwing but seems some news media has slipped up and is trying to cover their asses about that Kagan woman becoming yet another female nominee for the US Supreme Court. lets have a look. Oh and do read the comments they are a total blast...
  13. Nanakisan

    Oh look fursuiters from the 70's

    you know seriously I think we have these guys to blame for mostly Barney and other icons of television that wore a animal costume. granted even if it was before my time as a child i loved them to death!! why can't kids shows be more like this? Sad they were canceled after 2 years or so...
  14. Nanakisan

    A wild Micheal Jackson Appeared!!

    This just made me laugh. be warned NSFW at the end. T2E69k7BYd8
  15. Nanakisan

    Pokemon Anti-Virus

    I found this and thought i should share it. Heh i can bet the geeks here will get a laugh from it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqAfd1tY1GU&feature=related
  16. Nanakisan

    cheap commissions only 3$!

    anything you see here in this journal http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/911271/ is 3$ with the exception of character renders and busts. slots are indefinite till i can't keep up with the commission slot requests. please share this around to help me get more people interested in this i...
  17. Nanakisan

    1 yr old Wacom Bamboo Tablet

    I've put my Tablet that i never use up for sale on furbuy. Have fun bidding http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1015931.html? I will need to make one point clear. I will not do a international shipment
  18. Nanakisan

    3D Art Package Commissions

    Hey guys I'm going to need to make some cash soon so if anyone here would like some 3D stuff i'm going to give the first 2 people who are interested 2 package deals to choose from. Package 1 20$ 1 prop model exported in .obj and then zipped and sent to you A render of the model at 800x600...
  19. Nanakisan

    ok this is just odd

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but for arguments sake has anyone seen this in their submissions page. image in the shown attachment.
  20. Nanakisan

    Class Action suit against M$!

    Yay seems the gamers of xbox live who got nailed with the unfair ban might have a chance to get back. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/class-action-planned-for-xbox-bans