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  1. Lysirell

    First attempt at Drum & Bass!

    I've been working on this proyect maybe for a couple of days, and i like how it's coming out. Though, it's not finished, but i've cut the song so you can have the already finished part (the drop) I'm not sure if i should complete the first part of the song, since i want to spend more time in...
  2. Lysirell

    Making a fursona for a friend. Opinions?

    Well, i'm using a base for this one (as i did with my fursona), because at the time i still suck at drawing. Though, luckily, this lynx design looks better than my own fursona IMO, and i don't even know how i made it, but i'm really proud TuT What do you think about the design? Should i make...
  3. Lysirell

    About "Tangletorn", the new upcoming furry videogame.

    A team of furry artists has decided to start working on a ( RPG...? ) game that has absolutely HYPED me. The project it's not well known at the moment since there's not a lot of information (the developers decided to keep it as a "secret" for some time), so here i'll leave the link to the...
  4. Lysirell

    Just some vent art of my fursona

    Hi! I'm just a beginner at art and have barely done some artwork of my fursona due to lack of motivation, but... i've been feeling low these days and tried to do for first time vent art of my sona, you know... for fun (? Looking how it came out actually lifts up my mood, i'm not a very good...
  5. Lysirell

    So... here's my fursona!

    I just want to know what do you think about my sona, i've been working on improving his design and traits for almost two years (yes, that long), and i've finally came up with a design a week ago that really fits me! For the ref sheet i've modified a little a base made by Tesxacoyote, so i could...
  6. Lysirell

    Hi, new Lynx in the community!

    So... i've decided it may be a good idea to join FAF to introduce myself more to the community and meet new people. I'm a 13 year old fur from Argentina, and i've been interested in furry content for many many years, but i've been one of them since 2017 or so. One of the reasons i've joined...