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  1. CatizaDrawings

    First attempt at realistic cat

    Thank you! I'll try to practice with that in mind :)
  2. CatizaDrawings

    First attempt at realistic cat

    I drew my cat Snub. I love him very much and cats in general are just awesome. So I want to learn how to draw them. If I get good enough I hope to draw other people's cats to :) If you have any good tips for drawing short fur I'm also open for that!
  3. CatizaDrawings

    First post :)

    First post :)
  4. CatizaDrawings

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Thunder Dragon [Auction €35,- +]

    Hii, My first adoptable and post on Fur Affinity :D Excited! Paypal only! (€) Auction stops 24 hour after last placed bid or with Autobuy. This is auctioned on DA and FA. Start/ €35,- Up with/ €1,- AB/ €100,- AB2/ €150,- With sale you get/ - Full resolution of presented image without...