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  1. scooter_squirrel

    Anyone like drawing squirrels perhaps?

    Is there anyone that wouldn't mind helping a squirrel obtain his first anthro drawing of some sorts? I have been active in the fandom now for over a half year (atleast on the computer end, only been to a couple of local meets so far) and don't even have one drawing of my fursona. I wouldn't...
  2. scooter_squirrel

    TV shows with furry appearences

    I am just wondering if people know of some TV shows in which furries make some sort of appearance as I find them interesting and most times funny to watch. I have already seen the following, just wondering if there was more out there: CSI "Fur and Loathing" ER "Fear of Commitment" Drew...
  3. scooter_squirrel

    Furry Credit Cards

    Capital One now offers credit cards where you can basically upload any photo for use on the card, supposedly. This seems like a pretty neat idea, was wondering if anyone has one yet or if you could what would you have on it? If I didn't despise Capital One I would probably get one. Oh, just...
  4. scooter_squirrel

    New squirrel here

    Hello all. I have been a guest on this board for a little while now but finaly decided to join in on things. I am new to being furry and rather shy so I thought this would be a good place to start breaking out of my shell and making some firends. Dang, did I mention that I am slightly...