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  1. Sidereal

    EASY job: put the tattoos on my demon hunter, $5. NEED TODAY.

    So I have an unusual request. I was working on a character reference down to the wire, literally until the moment I needed to leave for the airport for a convention (SDCC!), and I got everything finished for my boy but one very important thing; his glowing demonic tattoos. I need someone to put...
  2. Sidereal

    NSFW commissions, YCH (paw) (OPEN)

    Hey there. I'm new around here and looking to take some commissions :3 All of my examples right now are NSFW/nudes, and that's primarily what I'm looking to do. All prices are for full body. All samples are NSFW. I AM SELLING LIMITED RUN YCH with some dragon-y feet and a... male apparatus ;)...