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    Hey, i'm new. I am a pretty shy and quiet guy, and don't really like talking to people (untill I get to know them) I like to play guitar, and plan on posting some covers( maybe some rise against) I am an ok artist ( ok is probably stretching it) but I don't draw much. I like listening to punk...
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    is it really worth going to local furmeets?

    i saw a thread a while ago about all the weird people/ shit that happens at the meets, and now i can't tell if the meets would be fun, or just plain creepy. what are your positive/negative experiences, and is it really worth taking the time to go to one.
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    favorite song lyrics

    i'm guessing this has probably been done before, but still. what are your favorite lyrics? mine are probably from rise against, "make it stop" and "bricks" bricks lyrics: When faith alone is not enough, To keep our heads barely above, We look for reason and come up empty-handed. And when our...
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    bad restaurant experiences.

    so today i was at a restaurant, and there was an ant climbing on the table. i thought "no big deal", and killed it. i took a sip of my drink, and realized there were 2 dead ants in my cup. after taking a closer look, i could see there were ants all over the place. i got up and left. this was...