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  1. syrupcomfiture

    NEEDLEFELT COMMISSIONS ~ $10 USD each! ~ 5 slots open

    Hey everyone! I'm now offering needlefelt commissions! I'm fairly new to the craft, but I'm loving it and would love to make one for you. ^^ I can do Furries, Humans, Pets, Pokemon, ETC! +$5 for heavy detail (EX: Extra limbs, wings) What is needlefelt? from aussiefelts : "Needle felting is the...
  2. syrupcomfiture


    Hi! I'm leslie! ^^ Thank you for looking! ( text-only version with links to high-res pics here ) Prices/add-ons are negotiable depending on complexity! We can discuss them and figure out a total we both love once youve given me your idea. I will draw NSFW/fetish/mecha/etc, but I do have the...