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  1. Kaira

    OC tournaments

    Just wondering, have you guys ever heard of an OC tournament before? As in, "original character tournaments". They can be pretty fun you know.
  2. Kaira

    Wait what we can customize our forum profile pages?

    Oh you vBulletin guys. Not even the main site can do that
  3. Kaira


    http://xenforo.com/ Can we have this please? It's way better than vB 4.d'oh, and if you wanna spare me writing a paragraph long explanation, this is essentially what to Rock Band as vB is to Guitar Hero, development wise. New owners screw everything up, old developers make a spiritual successor.
  4. Kaira

    Oh hello thar

    I'm Kairaxaius, I'm kinda from SA, and I'm kinda trying to get into anthro art a little more. So, sup? p.s. god your forum is so ugly.