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  1. Zuriak

    Doing Requests!

    Howdy, folks! Just posting here to snatch up some requests to supplement my queue. I do art for practice so you might see some weird anatomy and what not, it's because I'm learning the craft. :] Be sure to check out my rules here. I can do either NSFW or SFW art, here are some examples: NSFW...
  2. Zuriak

    Commission (Hiring): Character Concept Sketches

    Howdy folks! I'm in the market right now for two or three different concept sketches for a character, each one preferably from different artists to cast a wider net for ideas. These are to be rough or semi-detailed, and I certainly don't mind artistic liberties. What I'm looking to buy are some...
  3. Zuriak

    Practicing with Requests

    This might not be with the forum rules, but oh well. Howdy there, folks! My name is Zuriak and I'd like to grow and improve as an artist, so I'd like to offer you some art in exchange for your time and criticisms. Pretty much is works like this: I get requests and I draw them so I can get...
  4. Zuriak

    For NSFW two figure ref sheet

    Howdy, I'm posting this thread in the search for an artist who would be able to do a ref sheet with a side-by-side of a figure, one naked and one clothed. I can be found here (NSFW warnings, hooooo!) and the figure I want done is an orcbear: a tall, bulky bear-thing. Just be aware that I'll...