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  1. NukeTheCat

    Recreational Sketches of your OC

    Usually when I'm bored or have time to kill, I sketch furry. Nothing too deep -- just pencil work. But, sometimes, if I feel more ambitious than usual I might ink it. I thought maybe I can sketch some of your guys OC or fursonas. I'll post it when I'm done.
  2. NukeTheCat

    Styles of drawing

    Nobody's art can be exactly the same. Some prefers a more anime-ish eyes while some like realistic ones. Some draw them more human than animal and some vice versa. Is there a definite style of art which people draw anthros? Can they be categorized, like chibi, realism, etc? And what kind of...
  3. NukeTheCat

    Hi all :3

    Hi, I'm NukeTheCat but you can call me Nuke. I'm actually a snow leopard and not a house cat despite my username. I joined the furry community around the start of this year, even though I had been drawing anthro characters even before then (I don't consider myself pro though). My interests...