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  1. Tsume-Balto

    Nordguard part 2?

    So... is it completely dead or what?
  2. Tsume-Balto

    A newbie Wolf looking for an artist to give me a face

    Hey there. Totally new to fur and hoping an artist can throw me an image to match my identity. I'm 30, male, straight, the strong silent type. I'm social but inside very introverted and quite. A bit on the darker side of things. A hopeless romantic. What I'm looking for is something of a James...
  3. Tsume-Balto

    Wolf in Washington. Total newbie

    So yeah, new to this whole fur thing. Kindve exploring. I'm in the Tacoma area of Washington, I've always loved wolves, German Shepherds and Huskys. I'm 30, enjoying to single life, looking to connect with others. I'm a social introvert.