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  1. LindyHop

    Nsfw artist Vs. Everyone

    This is the same argument that abstinence only sex-ed uses, and it doesn't work. Teens are going to have sex if they want to regardless of whether or not they were exposed to furry porn, or actual porn on the internet. Hell, teens were having sex and getting pregnant before the internet an porn...
  2. LindyHop

    Looking for original cover for story

    The proper thread for this is forums.furaffinity.net: Art Sales and Auctions Be sure to add a budget for your project as well.
  3. LindyHop

    Pokemon Go?

    I've been playing since the US release and despite the bus and lag and downed servers I'm a fan. As with anything in life it comes down to a matter of common sense. Its hot as balls here in Vegas during the day so I usually go out at night, that being said, I NEVER go out alone, I always make...
  4. LindyHop

    Seeking Teasing Picture of Character (Budget:75$)

    I would like to be considered for your picture, I think your character would look good in my painted style. he price is $80 but I'm willing to do it for $75. Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Ricklaxin' by LindyHop (NSFW) www.furaffinity.net: Easy Cleanup by LindyHop (NSFW) I have other...
  5. LindyHop

    No references provided

    The problem resolved itself, the buyer got in touch with me today so all's good. @Sergei Nóhomo Yes, $15 is 1 1/2 work if you have a steady paying job which I don't right now which is also why I'm basically working for peanuts, and I usually accept payment after the initial sketch but I was...
  6. LindyHop

    Looking for artist

    Whatever fits into your personal finances, it has to be at least $5. Just pick an amount your comfortable paying and the artists willing to work for that amount will apply.
  7. LindyHop

    Looking for artist

    The proper forum for this is forums.furaffinity.net: Art Sales and Auctions Be sure to add your budget and a little more description about what youre looking for would help you find the best person. Good luck.
  8. LindyHop

    No references provided

    I did a YCH auction about 10-14 days ago, it was two slots and both were bought. The first buyer aid and provided references however the second only paid and didn't provide a reference.I have tried to contact the buyer several times both through the website and via email, I'm not sure what to do...
  9. LindyHop

    Position an pot legalization

    I've only tried it once (partially with the intent of having sexy times) and I didn't like it and it makes my boyfriend hella paranoid so it wasn't gonna work anyway. That being said, I'm all for the complete legalization of it.
  10. LindyHop

    R.I.P. cops

    Couldnt watch the video, my speakers are super shitty and I haven't figured out how to fix them. But I can guess your general message is BLM is bad because similar stuff happened in the past. Well yes, this is true, every movement has its bad eggs, but guess what else? You can't start a fire...
  11. LindyHop

    R.I.P. cops

    And today there are Republicans that are now neutral because they are aware that what Trump stands for is not what all Republicans stand for, its almost as if the people withing the party can change its views,morals, and goals overtime. What a strange concept.
  12. LindyHop

    R.I.P. cops

    Nah, it's still wrong, but Black slave owners in America owned less than 1 percent of all the slaves in the country. And the majority of them bought family members and friends to protect them.
  13. LindyHop

    R.I.P. cops

    Do you trust things from overseas? You get what you pay for, yeah would svae money in the short term but it'd be more costly having to replace them all the time.
  14. LindyHop

    R.I.P. cops

    Pretty sure Native Americans and their ancestors that had their children sent off to schools to become more "Civilized" would probably disagree, Pretty sure the Japanese-Americans still living from WWII whose families were put in internment camps would disagree. Pretty sure the Jewish people who...
  15. LindyHop

    That was.. weird..

    I generally don't understand this whole coming out as a furry thing??? Like I've never been compelled to tell anyone, friends or family, that I draw furries or have anything to do with the fandom. People who are close to me like my best friends, boyfriend, and sisters do know about the furry...
  16. LindyHop

    Changing my Legal Name to Fursona Name

    I don't think changing your legal name is something that's a big deal, I say go for it, I wouldn't change it to something so unique but hey, iit's your name, its your life, do what makes you happy. Of course from your profile gather it's gonna be another 2-3 years before you can legally do it...
  17. LindyHop

    Share random stories of physical pain

    Cut class in college to run around the city dressed like a cat instead, jumped off a high wall and sprain my ankle and broke my foot. Don't cut class kids.
  18. LindyHop

    The Broke Fur's Guide to Eating

    As a college student I spent many a day subsisting off of ketchup packets and rice, so this is a step up.
  19. LindyHop

    The Broke Fur's Guide to Eating

    I'm really bad with money and currently unemployed which means that the days in which I am on my own I have to come up with affordable and hopefully tasty food options. Chances are most thins will not be very healthy since we live in a society in which healthy is synonymous with expensive but as...
  20. LindyHop

    Help with New Fursona Design; $50 budget (closed)

    Cats are my favorite type of animals so I have some experience drawing them and in different ways, A 3-point reference sheet would be $50