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  1. Keeroh

    Do you keep your online presences segregated?

    Specifically, I'm referring to keeping things that are Furry™ separate in some way or another. Do you lump it all in together, or do you strive to keep a persona online that is not associated with all things anthro? What do you think is the wisest course of action? Do you think it's...
  2. Keeroh

    How much do you spend on the fandom?

    Just curious, I'm not looking for actual figures unless you really feel up for it. I'm wondering what you feel you spend. Do you feel like you spend a reasonable amount, not enough, too much, nothing, etc? What do you think of people who fall on the opposing sides of the spectrum from you...
  3. Keeroh

    How do you find motivation?

    I know there are a lot of gimmicks and tricks and general advice in the world, but I'm wondering what people have found that actually works for them. How do you, person reading this, find the reason to do-the-thing? Whatever that thing may be. Drawing, writing, jobb-ing, exercising...
  4. Keeroh

    Digital commissions- Starting at $20- Weird fetishes, weird characters=♥♥♥

    Greetings lovely creatures! First and foremost, I hope you're having a lovely day. If you've got a unique character, odd species, neat concept, weird gooey fringe fetish, or in general a need for some art that's a little "out there"- please, please let me at it. Stuff like that drives my...
  5. Keeroh

    Seeking traditional media art(*maybe* digital), ~1 month deadline- $150 USD

    First and foremost, please be aware of the deadline- I'll need the piece completed and shipped out within a month, maximum. My budget is roughly ~$150, that's not a hard cap, if the quality and speed is what I'm looking for I'm willing to go beyond that. The reason I prefer traditional media...
  6. Keeroh

    Biggest Little Fur Con (BLFC) '15 ! Who's goin?

    For those of you who don't know about BLFC: http://www.biggestlittlefurcon.org/ This is their 3rd year in the con and I've been to the first two and they went *awesome*. Who is going? and is anyone on the fence about going? 'Cause you should DEFINITELY go. Rooms are dirt cheap. Reg is cheap and...
  7. Keeroh

    In your imaginary future, how does the fandom evolve?

    While the fandom, at its core, has stayed rather the same, you can see how new introductions to tech and general societal changes have effected aspects of the fandom.And large events within the fandom have shaped how things are carried out in some ways, in terms of policies and things deemed...
  8. Keeroh

    Looking for an artist for a couples icon: (~$50 ish range)

    Hi there! If you're reading this, I hope you're having a lovely day~ I'd like to commission someone for a set of couples icons! My price cap for the icons is around $50. Toony preferred, but at the end of the day personal styling and quality will trump wanting it toony vs realistic. Ideally I'd...
  9. Keeroh

    Keeroh - $10-$50 [Ref sheets|G-XXX|Couples] - Completion before Valentines day~!

    [[If you are looking for completions before Valentines day, please indicate that when you contact me so I can factor that in. If you are wanting a very detailed piece before the 14th, I may add an extra detail fee of $5-10. Simpler pieces, however, will have no such fee.]] Greetings and...
  10. Keeroh

    2 Slots open for Xmas deadline- Starting at $10|XXX|Ref sheets|Digital cute things~

    [[FIRST TWO COMMISSIONS MAY BE COMPLETED IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS Contact me and I can give you a confirmation or not. More complicated pieces may not be given a Christmas completion date, to be reasonable]] Greetings and salutations! If you have any questions or wish to hire me, feel free to...
  11. Keeroh

    Looking for badge(s) in time for FC14 ~!

    I had a sudden realization that I haven't gotten a new badge for my updated 'sona, so it's time to get a new one! (or many new ones.~) My budget is $20-40 per badge, not including any shipping. I can go a bit above the budget if I can get a deadline promise and a WIP or two. I'd prefer...
  12. Keeroh

    Keeroh wants to draw for you! [$10 and up]

    Greetings and salutations! If you have any questions or wish to hire me, feel free to contact me via notes on FA or at contactkeeroh[@]gmail[.]com **Please no forum messages, I fear I don't check them often enough to get back to you in a timely matter** My commissions are usually completed...
  13. Keeroh

    Furry on This American Life?

    I don't know how many of you might listen to this show, but there's a girl who's story of being "at home" becoming a character on This American Life this week ( http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/506/secret-identity?act=2#play ) and it's actually a really cute story! They...
  14. Keeroh

    Pre-pose auction! Micro/macro and paw themed. Starting at $5

    More info here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10264605/ The auction ends April 5th~
  15. Keeroh

    Keeroh's Commissions - Icons||Ref sheets||Adult art -- $2 and up [OPEN]

    PLEASE note me through the FurAffinity main site if you are interested. I will not check my forum account often enough to see your messages. You can contact me on FA here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/keeroh/ COMMISSION DETAILS: All prices are in USD. I will accept monetary payment via...
  16. Keeroh

    Keeroh's Commissions - Prices from $1-15 [Open]

    Keeroh's Pixels - Prices from $1~15 [G-thru-XXX] I currently am doing some rather low-priced commissions (testing the waters of commission work, so to speak.) I'm comfortable working with mature/adult/fetish commissions, however the price may increase depending on the complexity involved. The...
  17. Keeroh

    Looking to doodle characters for free-

    My stuff isn't that mind-blowing, but I'd like some more practice. I'll either do your character as a doodle or, if I like it, I might go all out and do a colored and shaded version. Just post in here with a link to a reference image. Ideally, I'd like to work with the "uncommon" species...
  18. Keeroh

    A wee bit new to the entire fandom.

    'Ees a little overwhelming, but so far as a whole the fandom seems to be pretty welcoming. So, hello everyone. Any tips for a newbie?