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  1. KimButt

    Anyone use Mixtikl?

    Just wondering if anyone uses Mixtikl. (Its a ambience music composer) It can be any version of the software you own I plan on sharing Mixtikl files sometime soon for everyone's enjoyment
  2. KimButt

    Looking for RP partners

    Yis I'm seeking SFW Rp partners for character development and just plain fun The Genres I do are adventure, humor, and romance. If anyone's interested, shoot me a message here!
  3. KimButt

    *Chirp* Hello! I'm new here

    If anyone would like to talk to me, I don't bite, but I nibble And I'd like to make some friends too :3
  4. KimButt

    Anyone want to judge my Fursona?

    Ref + info found here: http://k1m--butt.deviantart.com/art/Fursona-Kim-full-reference-601477764 Would anyone want to judge her I guess?