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  1. Kazooie

    Where do you imagine your imagination?

    I was free-associating on the subway today, eyes closed, and noticed that all the images I was imagining were appearing "around where my vision should be". That's not to say I was *seeing* the images, but they were appearing around the "area". When I opened my eyes, the location shifted to where...
  2. Kazooie

    Pom Gets Wifi

    My self-indulgent mess of a first game, starring an entire cast of dogs!! Featuring: -2 endings! -Over 20 dog breeds! -dum shibe -100 billion lines of dialogue -About 2000 references to obscure video games that only I will understand -My tears Pom Gets Wifi is a Good Game that discusses...
  3. Kazooie

    Bona Fide

    Species: Greek philosopher sheep Age: Ghost Gender: Ghost (by Dreaming) Likes: Reasonable debates, grass Dislikes: Ad-hominem attacks, toastmasters Bona Fide was a friendly, fluffy greek philosopher who roamed the world, spreading good cheer and general friendliness. Unfortunately, it ran...
  4. Kazooie

    Using 3d printer tech to build 'suit components?

    Are there any examples of suit makers using 3d printers to build foam components of their suit? I myself have access to some 'printer tech, and I figure it'd simply the head-design process greatly.
  5. Kazooie

    Rocking the furry style without the suit?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any examples (con photos?) of people achieving a ballin' furry style that doesn't incorporate a giant animalhead mask. Kinda vague, I know.
  6. Kazooie

    A Sandbox

    A bunch of weird quirks on this forum have been confusing; a sandbox would've been nice to sort them out in. This is secretly a sandbox post for me to figure out how the heck polls work.
  7. Kazooie

    Belated Intro Post (BIP)

    Was google-stalking my ancient internet friend (bffs for eight years now, jesus), discovered that he was banned from these forums, found that hilarious. Also apparently I had an account here. And on FA. Huh. I am pretentious about beer and enjoy spontaneously breaking out into dance to terrible...
  8. Kazooie

    jcfynx memorial thread

    I have recently discovered that my wonderful japanese rainbow knight friend jcfynx has been banned forever. Please post gifs in remembrance of this quirky, fanciful animalhead person. e: OOPS APPARENTLY THIS FORUM HATES GIFS AFTER ALL. WHAT. It worked before.