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  1. xanderless

    Icon Trades!

    HEYA I'm looking for folks around my skill level to do an icon trade with. Hoping to maybe get 2 or 3 Looking for either flat color or simplistic shading character I want an icon for EXAMPLES: plz post examples and the character you'd be interested in getting an icon for danke
  2. xanderless

    taking one Painted Portrait 45$+

    Hello! Haven't been here in a while. Looking to take ONE painted portrait commission, can be NSFW if you want Will draw any kind of character, fur, human, mecha, whatev Not first come first serve, will accept whatever character most inspires me to make sure I stay motivated. WILL accept...
  3. xanderless

    Traditional Badge, 75 USD

    woof I forgot this was here @Jagal you're exactly what I was looking for I'm a bit disappointed in myself, I'll be following you on FA though for when you're available again ;u;
  4. xanderless

    love blocking every single person on here that uses slurs

    love blocking every single person on here that uses slurs
  5. xanderless

    Wait at least 24 hours for a moderator to approve your thread before posting another

    threads posted after mine have been approved so if theres a reason mine wasn't please let me know
  6. xanderless

    Traditional Badge, 75 USD

    Not hiring right away but making a list for the future. Cannot afford to spend over 75 on it, please don't ask me to What I like in a badge: Watercolor or Marker. Laminated. Unique pose. Med-Large in size. Characters I get badges of (nsfw) : 1 2 3 Examples of a few badges I bought in the...
  7. xanderless

    Searching for an Artist drawing Humans

    well I don't have notes active on FA so I'll plop this here anyway since I love me some humans
  8. xanderless

    Wyvern with kittens(...plus)

    I'd certainly be willing to try it out, I love painting stuff though I don't have many examples. If theres something specific you'd like to see that I don't have available i'd be willing to sketch some stuff out! here's my info
  9. xanderless

    Christmas Gift Commission (150$ budget)

    Hi there! I work a a very high resolution (more than double what you have posted, on average) so I can easily work within the ratio you need for printing, and can go larger if you decide to change the size you'd like! Here's my info, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
  10. xanderless

    Anthro NSFW

    oh man oh man I love me some bondage! Here's my info, if you need more specific examples don't hesitate to contact me! I also have some YCH bondage pieces available here
  11. xanderless

    Telegram Stickers

    I am available! Here are stickers I have done: 1 2 they are full body but I am willing to do just portrait emote stickers instead! This is my info, pricing would be dependent of what you specifically request but it should give you a good idea
  12. xanderless

    fanart requests open until I say otherwise

    off site request done: Sendak from voltron
  13. xanderless

    [CLOSED] Semi-Realistic Bust Portrait(s); Human Character - $100 +/-

    I love doing detailed portraits!! Here's all my info, feel free to contact me with any questions or whatever~
  14. xanderless

    fanart requests open until I say otherwise

    done! link to FA in first post~
  15. xanderless

    Looking For Artists! Show Me What You Got!

    Hey there! I'd be interested in working w/ you for sure, here's all my info~~ Feel free to contact me w/ any questions!