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  1. Shaloxeroligon

    Removing oily residue from fursuit fabric

    I used Folex to remove the stains from my feetpaws. Worked like a charm. However, since I had to apply the Folex multiple times, there is now an oily residue on the fur. How do I get rid of that?
  2. Shaloxeroligon

    Best Time to Fursuit During a Con

    So at AC this year, I fursuited more than I ever have before. It was a lot of fun. But, and this is the point of the thread: there weren't a lot of other suiters around. When I was out, most other suiters weren't, and when I wasn't suiting, a lot of suiters were out. This disappointed me, as I...
  3. Shaloxeroligon

    Furpocalypse Now (or rather, in a week)

    https://furpocalypse.org/ So this is a thing, and I'm going to it. Is anyone else going?
  4. Shaloxeroligon

    Finding Good Furry Podcasts

    I'm looking for new things to listen to in the car, and I think an interesting/entertaining furry podcast would work fine. Do you guys know of any that are worth investigating? For reference, I am a fan of FurMedia (which is not a podcast, but is pretty close), and I've tried listening to Fur...
  5. Shaloxeroligon

    Choosing a Fursuit Maker - Price vs. Wait Time

    I'm currently deciding between a couple different fursuit makers. I won't give their names here, but I'd like some help on how to choose which one. For reference, I am commissioning a full suit with body padding and wefted hair. So, all three of them are of comparable quality. All of them...
  6. Shaloxeroligon

    Footwear in Fursuit

    So I've heard all about the kind of "under-suit" you should wear while in a fursuit. I plan to get myself a set of UnderArmour HeatGear Compression shirts/pants when I commission my suit. I know that you need a balaclava on your head, as well. However, I don't know what to put on my feet. Are...
  7. Shaloxeroligon

    Fursuiting in the Snow

    So I've seen a couple videos on YouTube of people taking their fursuits out in the snow (case in point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md5wLN-rG7A). This kind of confused me; I thought it would be a really bad idea to suit in the snow, as it'd soak your suit. So, is fursuiting in the snow not...
  8. Shaloxeroligon

    Expected Wait Times for a Fursuit

    I have heard wildly conflicting stories about how long the fursuit commissioning process takes. I just want to get a general idea of what to expect when I commission my suit. How long does the process take? I'm not just talking the actual construction. I mean the whole thing: from getting on...
  9. Shaloxeroligon

    Dragon Fursuit - Recommended Makers?

    It seems that most fursuit makers specialize in making dogs, foxes, cats, wolfs, and rabbits. This makes sense, as these animals are the most popular. However, I see few who display photos of dragon or lizard fursuits (whether realistic, toony, or in-between) in their galleries, and far fewer...
  10. Shaloxeroligon

    Movable Fursuit Jaws

    For my suit, I was considering having a jaw that remained closed most of the time, but could be opened when I wanted it to. I don't need a jaw that moves with mine, because I don't plan on talking in-suit. However, I would like to be able to open the mouth when I need to do things with my mouth...
  11. Shaloxeroligon

    What to wear under the under-suit

    I've heard from many people that the #1 best thing to wear under a fursuit is heat gear, like a Lycra dive skin or UnderArmour. However, as I've never owned either of these things, I'm wondering: what do you wear under your under-suit? Do you wear normal underwear? Street clothes? Nothing? Or...
  12. Shaloxeroligon

    Price of Realistic vs. Toony Suits

    I was wondering if the fact that a fursuit is realistic vs. toony plays a factor in the price of it. I'm currently going off of the assumption that realistic suits cost more than toony ones. Is this correct? Or is this not as big a factor in suit price?
  13. Shaloxeroligon

    Fursuit personality

    I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with a personality for my fursuit/fursona. I have a good idea of what I don't want to be (bouncy/crazy/goofy or serious/boring), but I don't really know where to start as far as how I DO want to be. I hear a lot of people say "your personality develops...
  14. Shaloxeroligon

    Fursuiting as a different sex

    Reviving an old topic, because I would like my fears addressed... I am physically male. I am considering buying a female fursuit. I am doing this because my fursona is female-bodied (technically a herm, but that's not appropriate for a fursuit). As a trans* person, I feel like this would be...
  15. Shaloxeroligon

    Dragon Suit Feet

    Hey all, I'm just curious about what kind of feet dragon fursuits usually have. When I looked on some of the fursuit maker sites, they gave examples of indoor and outdoor feet, but said examples were using, like, wolf or fox feet. Does the same thing exist for dragon feet? I'm trying to get an...
  16. Shaloxeroligon

    A dragon needs horns

    So, while I know there are lots of places that sell ears (whether mounted on a headband or something like that), I've had markedly less luck finding places that sell horns. I know I need to get a tail, and I've found places that do great dragon tails. However, the horns continue to elude me...
  17. Shaloxeroligon

    I'm looking for Feedback

    Hello. I recently posted some of my music on my FA account. I was hoping to get some constructive feedback about it, because I'm certainly looking to improve. So, feel free to hop over to my account, give my stuff a listen, and let me know what you think...
  18. Shaloxeroligon

    Reference Sheet for Fursona

    I am currently looking for a basic, no-frills reference sheet for my fursona. I currently have zero art of my fursona, so I'm looking to get off the ground and start building a collection. However, I am in a bit of a financial pickle, so I don't think I can commission anything right now. So...
  19. Shaloxeroligon

    My Fursona: Simplified

    I'm putting it here in a more digestible form than it is on my FA page. That one is markedly more detailed, and is probably too dense for what we're going for here. So yeah. Name: Shaloxeroligon (AKA Shal, Shally, or Shallie) Age: It's a secret. Sex: Herm Species: Dragon (anthro) Height: 5'...
  20. Shaloxeroligon

    Con-going on a budget

    Either I'm totally blind, or I'm oblivious. Either way, I didn't see a thread discussing tips for going to conventions cheaply. I think it would be a worthwhile discussion. I recently went to AC, and it cost me over $400, to my knowledge. I'd like to avoid spending so much in the future...