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  1. ElricStrot

    Go to songs for when you are in a funk

    Pretty self explanatory, but what songs do you listen to when you are feeling down, beaten up, or just unsure about things? I always turn to the band Blue October when ever Im feeling anything honestly and would personally suggest to anyone to give it a listen cause it hits them feels.
  2. ElricStrot

    Am I the only one who grew up on this show?

    Does anyone else remember the show Gummi Bears? I think in the last 10 yrs I've met 2 other ppl who remember it, I was thinking more on here would tho. Just curious is all :)
  3. ElricStrot


    Hello all, after having the forum open for a hour or so I decided to join, which then I sat on that screen for around 30 mins. I'm new to this whole thing, I've seen others partaking and talking about it but have always looked at it from the outside. Since I was younger I always been enamored...