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  1. xanderless

    Icon Trades!

    HEYA I'm looking for folks around my skill level to do an icon trade with. Hoping to maybe get 2 or 3 Looking for either flat color or simplistic shading character I want an icon for EXAMPLES: plz post examples and the character you'd be interested in getting an icon for danke
  2. xanderless

    taking one Painted Portrait 45$+

    Hello! Haven't been here in a while. Looking to take ONE painted portrait commission, can be NSFW if you want Will draw any kind of character, fur, human, mecha, whatev Not first come first serve, will accept whatever character most inspires me to make sure I stay motivated. WILL accept...
  3. xanderless

    Traditional Badge, 75 USD

    Not hiring right away but making a list for the future. Cannot afford to spend over 75 on it, please don't ask me to What I like in a badge: Watercolor or Marker. Laminated. Unique pose. Med-Large in size. Characters I get badges of (nsfw) : 1 2 3 Examples of a few badges I bought in the...
  4. xanderless

    fanart requests open until I say otherwise

    Sorry I thought I was clear with the title saying FANART REQUESTS but I guess I wasn't. THIS IS FANART ONLY. NO OCS. If you want them furry, you can request them as a specific species of animal (I will choose the breed though) I don't have to be in the fandom but I'm more likely to draw from...
  5. xanderless

    Bloody Mouth Icon Commissions

    30-35 USD depending on complexity, can do full faces as well for 40 dollars. EMAIL ME AT XANDER.LEIGH.COMMS@GMAIL if interested SLOTS 1 2 3
  6. xanderless

    Pokemon Go Trainer Portraits

    separating this from my regular thread for organization! Hi!! I've been having a lot of fun drawing myself and friends in their team colors and figured I'd offer a special on them. Sorry all of these are instinct, I just have cool friends d; These are based off compiling IRL photos and then...
  7. xanderless

    Found. Closed

    This is open until I put Closed in the title!! So even if its a while later please don't hesitate to post. This will be open for a while before I contact anyone Hi my fursona will be at the end, for now please read everything CAREFULLY. I'm looking for a front/back flat color. Soft color...
  8. xanderless

    What do you look for in a badge?

    I've always wanted to do badges, I even bought a laminator like 4 years ago that I never opened because I didn't end up getting any commissions (I was a lot less organized back then to be fair) ANYWAY THE POINT! What do you look for? Are you more into fullybody minis, cute portraits, themed ones...
  9. xanderless

    (N)SFW Commissions and YCH open

    Hello!! I'm open full time to create artwork or characters. I retain the right to adjust pricing for any image requested, as well I can refuse any work I do not feel comfortable doing. Full pricing and further examples are available on my commission information site, I've included one of each...
  10. xanderless

    Lion Selfie Sketches

    So I was doing these on twitter and through an FA journal but well its not working and i really want to continue. I'm drawing people as lions based off their photos, it's just to help me with variation in design!! I won't share your photos (or even save them tbh) Rules: Give me a single...