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  1. John the fur

    New fursona! Thoughts?

  2. John the fur

    Some interesting high-school rules

    at my school we use chromebooks. even my 2011 mac works better then those pieces of shit. as far as i care the rules are stupid on so many levels. someone like me could easily hack into their computers from my home if i wanted
  3. John the fur

    Name a word

    i only know HTML and PHP but still
  4. John the fur

    I don't know anyone how do I make friends in the fandom

    im a fursuiter and im...... *mumbles* almost 13
  5. John the fur

    Favorite Shin Megami Tensei game (Spinoffs included)

    i play games for story and characters the bad part about P3 ix the tutorial length ugh how they get your characters info (I.E. Name) is probably the most interesting in a videogame so far
  6. John the fur

    Whats your fave TV show?

    cool guys
  7. John the fur

    Manga recommendations

    Absolute duo
  8. John the fur

    Whats your fave TV show?

    hello fine peeps my fave TV show is proooobably: Gotham or Daredevil
  9. John the fur

    Good PS3 games on ps store?

    hello peoples I am looking for good ps3 Games. I like: RPGs SOME FPS's not all some racing some hack and slash strategy platformer I have: Worms revolution Batlefield 4 (well getting it when i have the money.) sonic the fighters Dust 514 my psn is: SLstc42
  10. John the fur

    Why PS4?

    pffft idk i just play games on my ps3 on a shitty monitor with shitty adapters
  11. John the fur

    Building fursuit head. fun

    Building fursuit head. fun
  12. John the fur

    Best video game music?

    all the assassins creed soundtracks
  13. John the fur

    help. how to make toony eyes?

    I need help on how to make toony eyes for my fursuit. plz help. i shall be eternally grateful.
  14. John the fur

    Looking for fursuit head makers

    Userpage of hybridlaboratory -- Fur Affinity [dot] net he sells them around $200
  15. John the fur

    Any anime fans?

    I say that Absolute duo is for anyone that wants an action and borderline romance anime... ending is sorta a cliff hanger.... its only like 13 episodes