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  1. EdieFantabulous

    Let us take a moment.

    So I have been in Ottawa for a little while now, and my hobby is going to the Grocery store. Yes, I like the grocery store, I will spend an hour, two, sometimes more just at grocery stores. Sometimes at these Grocery Stores I see cakes, really super cute cakes, and a variety of them. Sometimes I...
  2. EdieFantabulous

    Anti-Smoking ad from a while ago.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JndtG8Y7yfw This is the best anti-smoking ad, ever!
  3. EdieFantabulous

    Favourite/Least Favourite Swear word/s

    I personally have a like for Bastard, one of the only swear words I actually use. It's just fun to say, Bastard.
  4. EdieFantabulous

    Banana, Strawberry, Orange.

    So I like some smoothies, and my favourite things in smoothies are strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and oranges. So tasty, and such. So what are you all into when it comes to the topic of smoothies? I like Vanilla frozen yogurt, in mine too, along with whatever else I think may be tasty that...
  5. EdieFantabulous

    This is my Sona.

    Name: Edie Aeteternum Age: 18 Sex: Androgyne [genetically male] Species: Feline Height: 5' 11" Weight:150 lbs Appearance: Androgynous, and fashionably messy. Fairly skinny and petite. - Hair and fur: White/Silver Hair, Light Grey Fur With Black - Markings: Arm is Black to the...
  6. EdieFantabulous

    Strange Facts

    Hmmmm, So in Washington State, it is illegal for a virgin to have sex. Under any circumstances, even on the wedding night. And In Bangledash (sp?) masturbation is Punishable by Death. It is illegal for any member (lol pun) of the Nevada Legislature to wear a penis costume While...
  7. EdieFantabulous

    This is Edie, I am back, Bask in my glory.

    Nah not really, Hmmm... I notice there are a lot of you new folks. I haven't been here in like a year or so. Give or take. So anyways. I be back, for however long. I bid you a Good Time, but really you can choose to bask in my glory. I prefer you do though, could be nice.
  8. EdieFantabulous

    So, I thought I would share something.

    I feel as though my ear drums have been raped... A remix of "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang is to blame for this. Have you listened to a song like this? I have also listened to a song that made me feel very calm. That would be "The Sacred Grove" on the Twilight Princess soundtrack. I have...
  9. EdieFantabulous

    Hopefully this belongs here.

    Hmmmm... Let me think.... So I was browsing through my "Like Like" thread, and I saw something about Morpha, and then I thought about Morpheel, and well they both have tentacles, and Morpheel can eat things, so Tentacle vore, with Morhpia and Morpheel raping somebody. Oh god O_O That is...
  10. EdieFantabulous

    Like Like.

    So Like Likes eat stuff right? I wonder if there is anybody who has a vore fetish for a Like Like. O_O That would be terrifying porn. Blob+Misc. Character+Penis+???????? I wonder what people could do with that... :confused::confused:
  11. EdieFantabulous

    If we were nude.

    So if we were all nude, like we didn't need clothing, for some reason clothing was never thought of, like it was warm everywhere. Style never did exist, I think the world would be a happier place. That is just me, I think Nudists are probably nicer people, than clothed people...
  12. EdieFantabulous

    Hmmmm, why?

    Why am I on the forums, nobody really pays attention to me. Maybe I should just leave, I have nothing interesting to say most of the time anyways... :/ Man I really stink, that's good to know I guess. :3 Seriously though I am thinking about giving up on the forums...
  13. EdieFantabulous

    Okay, if I were to go to Gay Pride.

    I would dye my pubes a colour of the rainbow, and get 6 of my friends to do it too. I think I would pic either green, or red. Both of them are good colours.
  14. EdieFantabulous

    Where does your last name come from?

    Mine (Redhead) Come from my great (great?) grandfathers generation, my grandfather was a medicine man, (basically magic) and when he would practice, his hair turned a brilliant fire red, there my name. c:
  15. EdieFantabulous

    If only he knew.

    me: Hi? random person: hi random person: hi me: How do you do? random person: do you see me me: Nay random person: im playing with me me: Oh yeah, i do that every once in a while. random person: and you me: I am sitting here, doing what I do. random person: i wish i want see you at that me: At...
  16. EdieFantabulous


    My favourite tree is tied between, ebony, and weeping willow, pussy willow. Lol Pussy willows, I like those the best I think. What do you like? Trees are great no?
  17. EdieFantabulous

    I am boring.

    I bored two people that came over to my house last night. I barely said like 5 sentences from 10 pm until 3 am. I don't do anything, jeez I am like the epitome of boring. Sit there, and sit, that's good ol' me.
  18. EdieFantabulous

    Tee hee.

    Oh Xaerun you! You have locked the Majority of my locked threads. How many other people have been called silly, and such by a Mod? I think you called me silly in a thread, the strawberries?
  19. EdieFantabulous

    I must say...

    If your ass were a Chinese restraurant, I's have the poo-poo platter. What kind of line is this? lol That is all.
  20. EdieFantabulous

    I like ice cream.

    Since I am bored, and feel like figuring out what people like. Let's have a discussion about Ice Cream! Personally my favourite is vanilla. Not too sure why.