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  1. Aerius Sygale

    Resource(s) for free lineart where...?

    Wasn't sure where to ask this, so do forgive me if this isn't the most idea section, but I've looked and looked, but can't find good, free anthro wolf lineart, anyone here know of a good source of them? Thanks in advance. ^^' So much free wolf lineart is feral, for some reason... >.>
  2. Aerius Sygale

    Crimson Wolf

    I do know my name ends with Blue Wolf, but for my character I am using in some other forums for RPs (Role Plays), I could use to have a good, larger pic of Crimson Wolf than what I am about to display: Specific appearance details (from the character's RP Bio): His height is 6'0, weight is...
  3. Aerius Sygale


    Bolt Here you can come to chat about the animated movie Bolt, starring Bolt the superdog, voiced by John Travolta. Other significant characters in the movie are Penny, co-star in the popular TV Show named Bolt. She is an intelligent young actress, and is Bolt's "person", as Bolt says more...
  4. Aerius Sygale

    Blue Wolf (a more realistic looking wolf...)

    Been trying at DeviantArt for a while to get a good artist to accept my request, then thought of this place, so I registered, and am making the request here with fingers crossed for the image in my head to be realized. This would likely be the most realistic "Blue Wolf" anyone has really made...
  5. Aerius Sygale

    Hi to all of you furries out there.

    Yeah, I'm another furry, no need to make any big deal out of it though, I am one of millions, and I don't really have any talent as an artist...at least not yet. I am The True Blue Wolf. Others that may put the name "Blue Wolf" into their art, picture a wolf of too bright a color, or too many...