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  1. Grimfang999

    The Pokemon Thread

  2. Grimfang999

    Are most furries nice or mean?

    Dude. You're 17. Teenagers are assholes. Everyone knows that. When you enter higher education the shit gets filtered out and the nice people outnumber the shitty ones. If you were in England optional education begins at 16, and before sixth form I had 1 maybe 2 friends in school, that number...
  3. Grimfang999

    Are most furries nice or mean?

  4. Grimfang999

    Wut, We Has a Forum

    Hello, welcome to hell, please enjoy your stay.
  5. Grimfang999

    Dave Blocks Thy Porn

    Tbh the sexual frustration teens would have would probably come out in other ways, in either more sexual activity or violence. Gotta release that testosterone somehow. Likewise, it would just increase the usage of the Darknet, and expose people to the darker sides of porn more, instead of...
  6. Grimfang999

    The Pokemon Thread

    Ive started collecting pokemon cards because a friend of mine plays it. Its no yugioh but its still pretty fun.
  7. Grimfang999

    Average cost of a decent siut?

    First response, suits. Can range in price from this to this. Then people started talking about suites, yeah I'm not going into that. Then theres what I read just now. glanced a thread title again, read it as "Average cost of a decent slut?", and I'm pretty sure sluts don't cost anything, they...
  8. Grimfang999


    Summer wars is a good movie. And for those comparing it to Digimon: Our War Game, it was made by the same director and it was essentially a remade and improved version, while Digimon was mainly a prototype. Both are till great though.
  9. Grimfang999

    The Pokemon Thread

    How exactly is it unethical if you already own the game? Likewise, how is it unethical for the games out of production? Those are my criteria. If it is still in production Ill buy it but if I want a new game and I dont want to delete my save whats the point in buying a new one, they have my...
  10. Grimfang999

    The Pokemon Thread

    Just get an emulator and do it.
  11. Grimfang999

    The Origins Of Your Username

    Grimfang was the first dragon you fight in the dragonslaying questline in adventure quest, and I added nines until I had that has my username. Also 999 is the emercency services number in England.
  12. Grimfang999

    Lapfox CDs. Where can I get them

    Lapfox is a "record label" owned by Renard queenston (Aka Renard, Jackal Queenston, Truxton, Mayhem, Kitsune^2 Furries in a Blender, Darius, Bendetto, Adrean, Azrael, Kitcaliber, and basically every other alias under the label). He produces a massive variety of electronic music types from house...
  13. Grimfang999

    Lapfox CDs. Where can I get them

    This, yea\h he doesnt sell them regularly and if he does they are limited release. Ill messege you here or something if it happens.
  14. Grimfang999

    have you noticed...

    Or serious advice now, either find a new and clever way to troll (protip, it involves manipulating people/words in a witty and usually subtle way), or instead of trolling forums... why not join one legit and make yourself a good group of friends in the community? Unless you have already and just...
  15. Grimfang999

    have you noticed...

    You could try the good old "Yiff in hell furfag", guaranteed to anger people! Especially people on this forum! We would all hate you for it in a loving way~ We promise we will get angry and shout and rage and be all indignant and butthurt and it will ever be so much fun it would be great! :)
  16. Grimfang999

    Who here likes lapfox?

    More news (I seriously need a life) His entire discography under the vulpvibe label is now completely free. Heres the links to the downloads http://www.mediafire.com/folder/aw5h7ynp4apm1/
  17. Grimfang999

    The Pokemon Thread

    Good ridance :V
  18. Grimfang999

    what u think of this yiff?

    57/a4paper would dance again
  19. Grimfang999

    Bitcoin *as a method of cash transfer* poll

    Maybe I just dont get it, but it just seems completely pointless. Even paying in foreign currencies isnt hard. Just put that currency into good and ask for the currency you want it in and boom thats how much it will cost you. Just seems to be adding in gimmicky middlemen. But again, I think my...
  20. Grimfang999

    Tired of SL, need MMO's with furry community

    I dont have much experience if any in SL, but dont the clubs play music? They are probably idling because they are listening to the music :V But yeah you are making it sound as if your life depends on finding a furry MMO group. I mean I do agree it is nice to be able to find people with mutual...