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  1. Shotalicious

    Tips on getting started on Furaffinity?

    Im very new here, but I have no clue how to get noticed~ Ive posted a bunch of art and such, and used a shit ton of keywords but I dont know how to get people to notice me. No one really comments or favorites anything I do, and ive looked at my friends from Instagram's accounts and they seem to...
  2. Shotalicious

    Art that you've been waiting to post~?

    I thought this would be a good idea as most people seem to be waiting to post art! You can post them here for now <3 As for me Ive been waiting to post this! Is there anything I could fix before I post it~?
  3. Shotalicious

    People need to chill out

    Ive seen so many posts with people who are so furious about this, I mean, I understand, Im bothered by it too, as I have stuff I'd really like to post, especially because I only joined FA actively about 5 or so days ago, which just so happens this crap goes down as I become active. You dont see...
  4. Shotalicious

    Feedback and constructive criticism??

    Okay, so I honestly really need some help. Im not trying to become popufur or anything, but I never really get views on my art and I cant tell if theres something wrong with it, or maybe im not putting myself out enough? Whenever I ask for criticism no one really says theres anything wrong, and...