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  1. CannotWait

    Account Problem: Mature and Adult Artwork Unavailable

    So I just turned eighteen today and I was thinking of things I can do now that I'm eighteen, and one of the most exciting things ever was that I could now change my Fur Affinity account to view Mature and Adult artwork! Amazing right? Well I went to my account settings and used the drop-box to...
  2. CannotWait

    Drawing Critique Request

    It took a while of staring at this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8689400/ and debating with myself on the quality to determine that it actually was pretty good and worthy of editing on my computer and posting. The final product ended up like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8688431/ I...
  3. CannotWait

    Vermin Supreme: Free Ponies For Everyone

    I think this man stands for the good of America. The viewpoints expressed in this video are invigorating and agreeable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4d_FvgQ1csE
  4. CannotWait

    Sleeping With Spiders - A Reintroduction To Life

    Brief Summary: A confused and flustered Faedra is rudely brought back to life without her consent. Will, her psuedo-savior, attempts to explain things to little avail. (A Reintroduction To Life is a small introduction to what could be a longer story) Content Advisory: One instance of...
  5. CannotWait

    Polyphasic Sleeping

    I've decided to go on a new sleeping schedule where I sleep multiple times a day instead of once. During this "Uberman" pattern, I take a 20-30 minute nap every 4 hours. On a consistent schedule it means I'm going to sleep at 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm. I've already accomplished my first...
  6. CannotWait


    The Original Link(Mostly so that this would fit in Lynx Plox) THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT TRIED -- AND FAILED A Story for Wee Little Ones One day, in the land beyond the highest mountain, there was a locomotive named Carl. Now, in the land beyond the highest mountain, engines could think and had...
  7. CannotWait

    The Crying PC Gamer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbxRp6Dg_VQ&feature=feedu There was once a time when people respected gaming... oh well, it's better than the Xbox gaming.
  8. CannotWait

    Bunnies or Rabbits?

    No other criteria. It doesn't have to be anything to do with the fandom, a cartoon, a story, or whatever. You just vote and justify your answer.
  9. CannotWait

    A taste for hardcore metal?

    Quite a few of my friends and people I know love listening to hardcore metal. I think that's what it is at least. I'm talking about the metal that has people screaming for the vocals in bands such as August Burns Red and All That Remains. Despite my valiant efforts to enjoy it and listen to the...
  10. CannotWait

    Sinclair Sanguine

    Waffles did it, I can too. Name: Sinclair Sanguine Age: 25 Sex: M Species: Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi; Mexican Wolf) Height: 6'4'' Weight: 175 lbs Appearance: - Brown, Tan, Gray, White, and various general fur color mixed together. - Markings: Nothing special. - Eye color: Black -...
  11. CannotWait

    Incredibly Important Thing That Should Be Invented

    A lost item locator! I need a device that finds things for me when I lose them. How expensive would it be to place a teeny tiny tracking target on everything you bring in to your house and then have a machine that finds it if you can't. This must be invented!
  12. CannotWait

    Anyone want to do a Ref Sheet?

    Notes before hand: -I have no way to pay you, so your drawings would have to be free. -I'm looking for a ref sheet and that means I don't have one. You must be creative and willing to go on a physical description (and just a couple visual guides). -I'm not look for pr0n, this must be suitable...
  13. CannotWait

    Bitter Lake

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HealMOZurEo&feature=player_detailpage This is the Official Trailer for the movie "Bitter Lake". What do you think about it?
  14. CannotWait

    Interesting Story

    So I'm back from a Christian camp, but there was one interesting experience that I just had to share. I'm on the way to go to a service project or something with my group and our bus is running low on gas. The driver decides to stop at this kind of old, but still functional, gas station; This...
  15. CannotWait

    The External World

    I would like to recommend, for your entertainment, a short film by David O'Reilly called The External World. David O'Reilly is known for making short animated films with a stripped down aesthetic. This particular film views the world from an odd perspective and gives a deeper look into society...
  16. CannotWait

    Requesting Song Recommendations

    I want to listen to something good with an epic bass. Any suggestions?
  17. CannotWait

    Mature Content Suggestion

    It would greatly benefit myself and possibly others if there were more "Account Settings" options for viewing Mature Artwork. Considering there are different levels assigned to the artwork (General Audience, Mature Audience, Adult Audience) it would be logical to have settings to allow only up...
  18. CannotWait

    "Daisy", A Poem

    Poem Critique Wanted Let me know what you think. I accept both compliment and critique so feel free to offer both. _____________ "Daisy" Daisy, a farm girl, was jolly and proud skipping so quietly, happy and free down a long winding road through a riveting forest unaware that behind her a...
  19. CannotWait

    Want to help me debate religion?

    So I recently became an atheist because it is much more logical. Unfortunately, I decided to tell my small youth group at church about my decision. They've made some relative dull points that I could easily debate, but if they do research they may come up with some more popular arguments such as...
  20. CannotWait

    Awkward Situation

    I was walking back to class from lunch today underneath a sort of stone arch hallway area. The ceiling seemed dry and I had a full water bottle, so I got the brilliant idea to harmlessly sling my water bottle and throw water against that ceiling. It would have worked perfectly too, but this...