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  1. Dmc10398

    Perceptions of the fandom from non-furrys positive or negative

    For those of you who haven't already guessed from my username I'm the proud owner of a 82 DeLorean DMC-12. The reason I bring this up is I occasionally take my car to a cruise in/car show. One of my favorite things to do is take a few steps away from my car and listen to what people are...
  2. Dmc10398

    Posting Pics of commissioned artwork?

    If I commission a pic or in this case a fur-suit do you think it acceptable for me to post progress pictures on my account? Understanding of course that I credit the artist and don't claim I created the said work...My fur-suit is still being worked on and I don't want to upset the artist but I...
  3. Dmc10398

    Not your typical fursona, warning long version

    Now that my fursuit is under commission and nearly complete I figured it was about time that I created my fursona. I've always felt that your fursona should include a large portion of yourself and I think most do. So while it's not fully my personal story it shares a a lot of similarities and...
  4. Dmc10398

    Fursona backstory length ?

    I think I have a good grip on the backstory for my fursona but I'm not sure how long to make it or how much detail to include. I could go on for pages almost to the point of a short story but I don't think anyone would want to wade through all that. So maybe just a couple paragraphs ??
  5. Dmc10398

    Well now I've gone and done it...

    Hello all I have a bit of a problem, for the past ten years that I've known of the fandom I've been a closet fur. And I've protected my little secret with great zeal, no one could know not family, friends no-one. To help facilitate keeping my dark secret I've cut myself off from fellow furs, no...