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  1. Amy Star

    crossover character

    hey I was wondering if there is anyone on here who could make a digimon-pokemon crossover character named monstrosious for me? I don't know if that would fall under the category of "furry" but if it wouldn't just tell me don't get mad at me and yell at me, and if you would like to try to make it...
  2. Amy Star

    heads up for friends

    hey all my friends, I know the name is different but I am baby princess pinkie pie, just giving everyone the heads up
  3. Amy Star

    bot or con?

    i am an autobot because they stand for truth and justice, as well as courage and they have a sence of morality
  4. Amy Star


    I was wondering, how do I change my name?
  5. Amy Star

    Mine and Ninten's forum

    hey this is the link for my new forum I made with Ninten, its for roleplaying so feel free to have fun, but make sure to read the terms of services of the site I made it on http://furryden.boards.net/
  6. Amy Star

    non-furry related

    hey, my brother and his team are going to make a stop motion, would it be against the rules to post the teaser for it here? i have read the rules and haven't seen if it is or not, but i wanted to know if you think i should or shouldn't post it. the only reason is to get an opinion of it
  7. Amy Star

    Favortie pony (pic optional)

    I wanted to know, for the brony/pegasister community, who is your favorite mlp pony? I have two, one is princess Cadence, and you can probably guess who the other one is so I don't need to say
  8. Amy Star

    Hello! I'm new

    Hi everyone/everypony my name is baby-princess-pinkie-pie -smiles- but you can call me Pinkie. I love to rp, if anyone is interested im happy to oblige. Warning: I rp as a baby, diapers and all. if you don't mind that then ill be happy to play, but if you don't like that then im sorry. also, I...