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  1. DoubleJWolf

    Hiring: In search of two SFW commissions (One w/ 2 wolves - $150 budget | one w/ 1 wolf - $75 budget)

    Hey there! Thanks for checking in on my post. I hopped into this thread in search for an artist but then was quickly struck with the reality that there are way too many awesome artists in our fandom now that it's rather hard to pick. So I figure it would be easier for both parties if artists...
  2. DoubleJWolf

    Seeking Master Player for Master/Slave Scene (NSFW or SFW, Legal Slavery, Prisoner of War)

    Your nation has been at war for quite some time now, but in recent news there have been a series of key victories to help your nation advance towards a possible victory. You yourself have been desiring a slave, the exact reason is of course your decision ultimately. So you make your way to one...
  3. DoubleJWolf

    Male wolf seeking a male Master for a Master/Slave roleplay (RP only)

    Hey there! I've tried to look for RP partners before but real life has jumped on me a few times. Seems I finally have a schedule with time to not seem like a jerk and vanish a bunch. So as for the plot I have in mind, it revolves around a world where slavery is legal. Slaves are required to...
  4. DoubleJWolf

    Master needed for a M/M RP (SFW or NSFW)

    Hey there, thank you for dropping by! I have been craving a good roleplay scenario in a world where slavery is legal. My character would be brought into slavery beneath the character that you play. Now it could be a punishment for a crime, instead of life in prison its a life where your rights...
  5. DoubleJWolf

    Master/Slave RP [Master needed, NSFW friendly]

    Giving this another bump, haven't found anything consistent just yet.
  6. DoubleJWolf

    Master/Slave RP [Master needed, NSFW friendly]

    Hey there! I've been having few ideas run through my head lately and wanted to see if anyone was interested. There are plenty of scenarios I have in mind and would love to discuss, as well as hear any that you might have. Most of them revolve around the basic concept of: The world has...
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  9. DoubleJWolf

    Looking for an artist for a Christmas themed ref (2 wolves, headshots)

    Hello! I have a couple of good friends of mine (lovers) who finally got to be with one another after moving across the country this year, and want to do them one of the whole, custom picture Christmas ornament things. I am looking for a double headshot of two wolves (one black and white, the...