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  1. Kiss.of.Envy

    (RP one shot) Mostly for fun ;)

    SoYou just found out I, Envy the coyote, took an embarrassing photo of you and is soon gonna be printed on the most popular magazine in the furry kingdom. What would you do to get the photo back from me? Or are you just cool with the whole thing......wanna tell what could be on the photo Ku Ku...
  2. Kiss.of.Envy

    When a dentist appointment goes south

    So anyways, I had to go to the dentist yesterday, new place which was easier drive to than my old dentist. I had my share of cavities lately but after seeing this guy it was like every one of my fangs started hurting. Dude he was cute as hell! Mid thirties with silk black hair. Damn I would let...