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  1. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Going to Gateway Furmeet

    It's in St. Louis and I'm completely stoked. My sister is helping making my fursona and I'll hopefully send pictures to you from it. :3 It'll start in May and I can't wait to see what a furry convention is like. So, what was your first experience to a furry convention?
  2. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Comic Books

    Kick-Ass is really good. Maybe Spawn would do the trick. I liked Deadpool and MAD as humorous comics. :3
  3. FonzieThSuperWizard

    What's your favorite qoute?

    "I'm gonna put the smack dab on your (mass)." - Duke Nukem
  4. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Nintendo Switch (NX)

    I'm excited for Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2. :3
  5. FonzieThSuperWizard

    What Are You Listening To?

    Glitch Hop is the way to be. :3
  6. FonzieThSuperWizard

    My art~

    Beautiful stuff. Keep up the good work. :3
  7. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Talk about the last video game you played

    Resident Evil 4. I love playing this game and I've played it pretty much for a whole decade. I've beaten the game I guess 120 times and it's one of the most cemented parts of my life. :3
  8. FonzieThSuperWizard

    What would be your theme song?

    Perfect match. :3
  9. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Talk about the last video game you played

    Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox 360 with my niece. :3
  10. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Anyone going to Midwest Furfest?

    I wish. If not, then I will in the future. :3 I also got to have my own fursona and hopefully get it done soon. :3
  11. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Herro ~

    Sweet!! I'll start very soon. ^w~
  12. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Need support for a web comic called "The Super Life of Jasfit".

    Hey, guys. I've been working on this comic for a while, but I really want to get it out there. I'm really wanting a colorist. If I had a smartphone, I would show you pictures of what the comics look like. I would also like suggestions on how to publish it and I think I know how to make a website...
  13. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Herro ~

    Makes sense. I draw pretty decently myself "and" I make my own comics, too. Indie-wise, but I want to do web comics also. X3 So, if I do make a web comic, you want to be in it? :3
  14. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Herro ~

    You're welcome. :3 I'm still making progress on my fursona, and I hope to finish him soon. :3 It's going to be an awesome one for future reference. ;3
  15. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Herro ~

    Welcome to the forums, little Pokeball of floof! X3 *dances the angry german kid dance*
  16. FonzieThSuperWizard

    What is the One musical genre that you say you hate the most?

    Disco. X3 And I love Dance music!
  17. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Election day today!

    Lol! Ooooooooooooooh. Well, we'll see what the future holds. XJ
  18. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Name a (some) quote(s) from your favourite videogame(s) without actually naming the game

    "Don't just stand there. Come out and fight like a man." (Press A for Respond) "I'm not falling for that one." "Just try to have fun." "What is it that you fight for, comrade?" "My past I suppose." "Just try to have fun."
  19. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Election day today!

    DONALD TRUMP WON!!!!!! Why am I not surprised? X3