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  1. Hateful Bitch

    Who is your favourite fictional tiger?

    Only the most important questions are asked here on FaF. I would make a poll but of course everybody will vote Other and then judge me for my poor selection. So yeah, any tigers from fiction. Tigger, Richard Parker, Tony the Tiger, etc. If you cannot think of one I will allow you to cite a...
  2. Hateful Bitch

    Discuss Anime

    Anime general. Why do we have a bunch of tiny little threads splitting off into obscure questions, threads for just furry anime, and no general discussion? You can ask your questions here without feeling silly and being a clutter bug. Someone probably made one in the past but it died I guess...
  3. Hateful Bitch

    God Bless America (2012)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1-NRmuXTls Video link because it might or will be age restricted eventually. It's like Harry Brown but petty and bright. I guess it's a dark comedy (?) but I still don't know what to make of it. Mixed feelings. On one hand it's a joke, on the other hand death in...
  4. Hateful Bitch

    Laptop not charging or something

    Light on charger goes on when plugged into wall alone Light on charger goes off when charger is plugged into laptop Laptop turns on and runs off of low battery when charger is plugged in Laptop doesn't turn on when charger in and battery is out Laptop does not have The Gay It's a Dell...
  5. Hateful Bitch

    Critique Please - "The Story Of Legend"

    Chapter 1 Our creators haven't given up on us yet, good friends They've yet to introduce the antidote. The antidote that will be the death of us all. Here is the story. The story of how it has come to that you will all die (my good friends). The warm sunny air smothered the birds. They...
  6. Hateful Bitch

    What is your sexual orientation

    New thread is needed since the last one was like 6 months ago and a lot of you are sexually confused and have changed your minds multiple times since then. The only correct answer is straight but feel free to vote whatever you like.
  7. Hateful Bitch

    Electronic Music Megathread

    Here we go then why not. This place surely likes a lot of electronic music right? I do. I'm probably not the pro, though. deadmau5 Justice Daft Punk SebastiAn Russ Chimes Pendulum The Glitch Mob Secede Moby Skrillex Fuck Buttons HEY DO YOU GUYS LIKE RENARD LOL HE'S A...
  8. Hateful Bitch

    Let's not forget, good friends

    It's judgement day in a couple days. And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man. Revelation 9:5 So when you're on your knees tonight, sucking cock like the...
  9. Hateful Bitch

    Have you seen the ocean?

    It's just recently come to my attention that some people I know (nobody here) haven't seen the ocean before in their whole life. Which for someone living on the coast is a pretty scary thought I mean. I am terrified. I am calling the police. But really I think most of you would have, but y'know...
  10. Hateful Bitch

    I don't know.

    ALSO ALSO It's kinda NSFW in places so yeah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h05POLIQ1rs&feature=player_embedded
  11. Hateful Bitch


    it's called Civilization or something AAAAAAA
  12. Hateful Bitch

    We should all get together and talk about our feelings.

    Have a good cry, y'know?
  13. Hateful Bitch

    My idea on space travel

    I think that someday they'll be able to release a new space technology to the public. The space shuttle was a big step. Perhaps they are going to introduce a new... Air Filter. That will allow space air to become breathable. Or something. But I'm sure many people have dreams of going into...
  14. Hateful Bitch

    Guilty Pleasures (Music/Film/Television)

    So yeah, artists, tv shows or movies you like that you feel you really really shouldn't Not that I expect furries to understand the concept of guilt or shame I love chick flicks and romantic comedies. Grey's Anatomy is without a doubt my favourite TV show And Owl City is just too damn nice to...
  15. Hateful Bitch

    Being yourself

    Bullshit or not bullshit Personally I don't think anybody should settle for less than their ideal. So all you nothings out there better get an idea about what kind of person you want to be and get fucking working on it. You should all delude yourselves to the extreme.
  16. Hateful Bitch

    Locks: Old and New

    I remember years ago when I would have fun with my little padlock thing I found lying around, locking things shut, or locking the key on the padlock it was meant to open, and then never using it again. And then the wonder of sliding locks, gate locks, door locks, keycard locks, and even remote...
  17. Hateful Bitch

    Innocent Poll

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
  18. Hateful Bitch

    There's No Crustacean Option In The Species Field

    I mean really I want to post my crabs, what am I going to to now, huh. Post "unspecific/any"? Pfft. But really serious question you have Apples but no crustaceans what gives, man.
  19. Hateful Bitch

    Little Details You Can't Ignore

    After listening to a song you love over and over, do you ever notice that, after sever listens, there's one imperfection that you can't ignore and it kind of ruins the song? Here's one I noticed today, from "Go Do" by Jónsi T6HjT4SQKJI 2:55? He sniffs, and it sounds like he has a runny...