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  1. LazerMaster5

    I have returned

    Some of you may remember me from old FAF, currently known as the Phoenixed Forums. I met so many wonderful people in my time with Phoenixed, but the community has grown stagnant and conversation has grinded to a halt. I have thus decided to return to this place to converse with other fans of...
  2. LazerMaster5

    Get gud ref sheet?

    My ref sheet is absolute garbage. Does anyone want to draw me up a new one? www.furaffinity.net: Silas McSlayer ref sheet v1.1 by LazerMaster5 I would like to make him a little more well built. If anyone is up for it, I will supply more details in PM. SFW or NSFW, whatever. If anyone wants, I...
  3. LazerMaster5

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    Another quality thread that seems to have disappeared. What grinds your gears? I hate how Forum Games and Rants & Raves are missing from rebooted FAF.
  4. LazerMaster5

    Things That You Love v3.0

    Time to revive a great, positive thread that seems to have been deleted here. What are the things in life that make you happy? I will start by saying I love the weather today. Jacket weather, blue sky. Not a single cloud.
  5. LazerMaster5

    [SOLVED] My post count- Where did it all go?

    So when I made my return here, I noticed something was very off. While the posts from before the FAF breakup are still there, they are apparently no longer part of my post count, while other members from the same time have all their old posts in their post count. Forum bug, or intentional?
  6. LazerMaster5

    Metal Metal Land

    Being a metalhead in an area with lots of bands and a historical concert venue that attracts touring acts, I am fostering a thread about all things metal. Let's begin by talking about upcoming shows.
  7. LazerMaster5

    Silas McSlayer

    It's about damn time I make a proper introduction for my fursona, Silas McSlayer. Name: Silas McSlayer Species: Red fox Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Home planet: Corneria Likes: Heavy metal, spaceship racing, transhumanism, action films, Mtn Dew, BBQ, muscle cars, vidya gaems Dislikes...
  8. LazerMaster5

    Nintendo Friend Code thread

    I am not surprised this thread did not exist yet. This is a thread for all my fellow 3DS users to share friend codes that would allow us to play games like Mario Kart, Pokémon, and Super Smash Bros together. My FC is 0946-3437-9229. Let's see how many FCs we can get. If you want to add me...
  9. LazerMaster5

    Yet another welcome thread

    Hey, guys. I'm LazerMaster5, your average teenage gamer/metalhead/furry/first world anarchist. Don't worry, I do not bite. I have a little forum experience, being a very active user on starfox-online.net. I have a general distaste for people,but I am always willing to make new friends.