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  1. LazerMaster5

    Open Chat

    Try working weekends. I can't wait to finish up my welding education so I can get a different job.
  2. LazerMaster5

    Car or Fursuit?

    Can a fursuit provide shelter, transport me across town, keep me safe from welding arc flash, or provide sustenance? Or is it just a silly costume people wear at niche events where ownership of such a costume is not required?
  3. LazerMaster5

    How did you create your fursona name

    My middle name is Silas and I quite like Slayer. Thus Silas McSlayer. A tad silly I know, but still better than a lot of fursona names out there.
  4. LazerMaster5

    Car or Fursuit?

    I would save up for a better car before I would buy a fursuit. Hell, a fursuit would be very low on my list of things to purchase, and I would need to be fully independent and financially secure before even considering such a frivolous purchase.
  5. LazerMaster5

    Do you keep your online presences segregated?

    I see no need in hiding my involvement in the furry fandom online, as most people could hardly care less if my profile pic is my 'sona and I retweet the occasional furry meme. All my friends know anyway lol
  6. LazerMaster5

    Things that irk you!

    All these crybabies that are triggered because people are using their freedom of speech and assembly to voice their legitamite concerns against Trump lol "Just accept your president already!" Admit it, if Hillary won you would be the guys in the streets protesting.
  7. LazerMaster5

    Can you be a furry?

    Involvement in the furry fandom can be as simple as just saying you are a furry, although having a proper 'sona will benefit you in the long run.
  8. LazerMaster5

    Angriest songs you know

    Absolutely brutal.
  9. LazerMaster5

    I have returned

    Some of you may remember me from old FAF, currently known as the Phoenixed Forums. I met so many wonderful people in my time with Phoenixed, but the community has grown stagnant and conversation has grinded to a halt. I have thus decided to return to this place to converse with other fans of...
  10. LazerMaster5

    [ZOOTOPIA] Disney "furry" movie, OMG Get Hyped!!

    Begone, foul demon! But yeah, Zootopia is a great movie. I have watched it twice already. In the theater, not pirated.
  11. LazerMaster5

    Who/what are you attracted to?

    I'm a faggot.
  12. LazerMaster5

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    That sounds metal as fuck. Are you sure you aren't stuck in a Cannibal Corpse song?
  13. LazerMaster5

    Open Relationships

    Cuckoldry is fucking stupid. Threesomes or GTFO
  14. LazerMaster5

    Where are you guys from?

    I was born and raised in the greater Cleveland area. Us Clevelanders may not have the best city to call home, but we are nonetheless proud to be called Clevelanders.
  15. LazerMaster5

    In vs. Out: The Closet

    If you need to hide your involvement in the fandom, you are doing something wrong. Liking anthros is no crime.
  16. LazerMaster5

    Free NSFW Art // My Character x Your Character // Males Wanted!

    Species? Red fox Age? 25 Anthro or Feral? Anthro Sub or Dom? Either Pose or themes? Any Extra info (kinks, questions, request, ect.)? My fursona has cybernetic limbs that can be removed. I am also interested to see what a c-boy version of him would look like. Have a ref sheet...
  17. LazerMaster5

    Thinking of taking requests for Sketches..

    I wonder if you could draw my 'sona with his limbs removed? www.furaffinity.net: Silas McSlayer Ref Sheet- NSFW by LazerMaster5 Thanks!
  18. LazerMaster5

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    The moment anything dies, it begins its decay. This goes for plants and animals. So essentially, all your food is rotting. Unless it is nothing but chemicals. Than you are taking in nasty stuff that could harm you.