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  1. Scorpen

    WTF Customers

    Let's share those WTF customer moments that just make us lose all hope for humanity. I work in customer service, and I'm sure quite a few of us do as well. Just when I think I've seen/heard it all some person comes along and proves me wrong. The other day this happened: I was helping a new...
  2. Scorpen

    Favorite Girl Scout Cookies?

    It's that time of the year again (around here anyway) when Girl Scout Cookies are among us. Once again this year I (over) indulged in a few boxes and got to thinking what's everyone's favorite variety? They are all pretty tasty but my favorites would have to be Tagalongs and Samoas.
  3. Scorpen

    First Balaclava Head

    Never made a head based on a balaclava before. This is my first attempt. to do it this way. Any and all opinions (good or bad) are welcome. I really wanna do this right. Let me have it! Character ref sheet www.furaffinity.net: Refsheet commission: Shef by Corgiboi
  4. Scorpen

    Help with neck.

    This is the 2nd head I have built of my German Shepherd/Doberman fursona. I've learned a lot and am much happier with how this one is turning out but one area I just can't seem to figure out is how on earth to build a neck. I've searched online and can only seem to find vague patterns/tutorials...
  5. Scorpen

    Hey There.

    Hey everyone, I'm Scorpen. 25 year old male and extremely shy. I don't socialize much and really am new to the whole online forum thing but finally decided to take the plunge, join in, and maybe make some friends along the way. I'm sure others would describe me as nerdy but I consider myself...