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  1. ChrisDom


    *Hands you teh Wolf/Dragon cookie!!!!!!!!!* >:3
  2. ChrisDom

    New member

    Hai! *hands you the WNC cookie and leaves! >:3
  3. ChrisDom


    *Hands you the pink text cookie (AHH THE BURNING) And runs away*
  4. ChrisDom

    The phoenix has landed!

    Welcome! *bows*
  5. ChrisDom

    Hey... here from a reccomendation.

    welcome!!! *Hands you the "DOWNTIME COOKIEEEEE!" and flies away*
  6. ChrisDom

    1 Of The Best "Under The Radar Games" Of All Time!

    by under the radar i mean...Un-televised and it was a great game for its time until halo and...*shiver* 3d sonic games like sonic adventure...ew, I was only like...12 and had no idea about furry fandom.
  7. ChrisDom

    1 Of The Best "Under The Radar Games" Of All Time!

    Tail Concerto Now, I don't just like it without giving some reasons! First of all, This game is for playstation...1 and its actually pretty rare to see. And it wasn't really.....on the radar of gaming, it is a game that near to no one knew about. However, It was the first and probably only...
  8. ChrisDom


    Welcome! *Hands you the "younger but taller than me cookie...T_T" and slowly walks away....*
  9. ChrisDom


    Greetings! *Hands you the "Relax Cookie!" And flies away!!*
  10. ChrisDom

    Obligitory Introduction -_-;;

    Welcome! *Hands you the "lurker cookie" And flies away!!*
  11. ChrisDom

    Hello people.

    Hai! *Hands you the "nothing cookie" And flies away!!!*
  12. ChrisDom

    Are you a virgin?

    Virgin and I like it >:3 of course the word "Virgin" is just another big, fat label!
  13. ChrisDom

    Straight, bi, or gay

    Well...I'd say Bi But its like Girls 25%(and slowly dropping) and Guys 75% So, Leaning toward gay And im in high school ^^;
  14. ChrisDom

    -Insert Generic Title-

    Hai Skumm! *Hands you the "Lurking+1 Cookie" and flies away!!!*
  15. ChrisDom

    I'm here for the cake.

    (Insert Portal Joke Here) Welcome! *Hands you the "Cake Cookie" and flys away!!!*
  16. ChrisDom

    insert random persion here

    Welcome to the forums kyle! *Hands you the "Spelling ability" cookie and flys away!*
  17. ChrisDom

    Ane The Oddity

    Welcome Ane!, *Hands you the "drawing ability" cookie and flys away!!!*
  18. ChrisDom


    Welcome, Beholder of the golden cookie!
  19. ChrisDom

    DO today's cartoons suck?

    Quick and simple, YES
  20. ChrisDom

    Gunz: The Duel

    MEhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...It was ok for a while, K-styling hurts now so I D-style >:3 BUT! I quit x3 and slowwwlyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooing baaaaaaaaaaack...?