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  1. katsumifur

    Some sort of AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ/Skype thread

    Hey Im always on msn, just throw me an invite whenever, just dont be annoying or trolling. Katsumifur@live.com
  2. katsumifur

    Art Colorations!

    oh, could I have a mod move this there then?
  3. katsumifur

    Art Colorations!

    Imma be blunt, the place im living at is kicking me out if I dont pay rent and quite frankly, I have no monies ;_; so I need some money so! ART COLORATIONS! any piece of artwork, any content and material, recolored with photoshop any way you want it for only 2.50$ an hour! Check out my FA page...
  4. katsumifur


    anyone play DDO on the server Orien around 12pm to 12am EST?
  5. katsumifur

    General Time-Wasting Thread

  6. katsumifur

    What is your sexual orientation?

    Pansexual? Lame joke incoming but wouldnt that be consider pedophilia?
  7. katsumifur


    Hamachi lets you play LAN over the internet, thus you can play a cracked version with other people since it wont let you on battle.net
  8. katsumifur


    So im loading up my version of starcraft with hamachi... anyone wanna play? and dont worry if you dont have it or hamachi, i can cover you if you want to. Just message me at katsumifur@live.com and well chat for a bit get something organized.
  9. katsumifur


    Eh, Heres inuyasha ep 1, KAGOME GET THE GODDAMN CRYSTALS Inuyasha Ep 200, KAGOME GET THE GODDAMN CRYSTALS, oh and i love you. Also, wolfs rain was pretty sweet. except the goddamn 5 episodes of recap in the middle -.- and the ending was a little eh. but whatever. It was still good.
  10. katsumifur


    Oh yeah, overall I liked kai better than koro ni
  11. katsumifur


    yeah, and then hanyuuu :3 hauauauuuu Also, FUCK YEAH CODE GEASS Jibun wo sekai sae mo kaete shimaesou naShunkan ha itsumo sugu soba ni...:3
  12. katsumifur


    OMFG Higurashi was fucking amazing, if you havnt seen it go watch it right now. Its like my favorite all time anime.
  13. katsumifur


    Ive heard of Soul eater. I think ill watch that next, Thanks :3
  14. katsumifur


    Seen all those too... Howls moving castle was awesome :3 @tao, also seen both of those.
  15. katsumifur


    Ive seen all of those
  16. katsumifur


    So ive been watching this new anime called Angel Beats! its pretty fucking sweet but ive already blown through the three episodes there is -.- Anyone wanna reccomend an anime? Im looking for something similiar to baka to test sanjoukuu or Baccano! where you just gradually fall in love with all...
  17. katsumifur


    The simplest answer. People are fucking stupid, selfish, and just downright evil. Those that arent are treasures, and should be held onto as long as possible.
  18. katsumifur

    Herro peoplez

    Im bored and looking for friends, anyone wanna talk about anything? also if anyone wants to chat privatley with me i have msn. Im just bored so I figured Id start a convo thread.
  19. katsumifur

    If furries are all totally freakin' gay...

    Yeah, that kinda pisses me off, like Ill go to E621 and its all gay porn adds. I mean like hello? maybe some wemon bi friendly ads?