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  1. Sidereal

    looking for puppy play art

    Hello, I’d be interested in taking this commission! SFW or NSFW are both fine. Attached is a sample of the style I am working in now, and you can find more in my (NSFW) gallery here: Artwork Gallery for SiderealV -- Fur Affinity [dot] net A 2-character pic with a white or solid color BG would...
  2. Sidereal

    In Need of Ref Sheet for Dragon Character [Artist Found/Thread Closed]

    Hello! I’d love to take on this project for you. I have several ref sheet samples in my gallery, though they are NSFW. You can see them here if that’s ok: Artwork Gallery for SiderealV -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Attached is a sample that would be of a similar style I would use on the sheet. I...
  3. Sidereal

    EASY job: put the tattoos on my demon hunter, $5. NEED TODAY.

    So I have an unusual request. I was working on a character reference down to the wire, literally until the moment I needed to leave for the airport for a convention (SDCC!), and I got everything finished for my boy but one very important thing; his glowing demonic tattoos. I need someone to put...
  4. Sidereal

    NSFW commissions, YCH (paw) (OPEN)

    Bump. Working on 2, but taking more slots..
  5. Sidereal

    NSFW commissions, YCH (paw) (OPEN)

    Sure, I'm game for that :3!
  6. Sidereal

    NSFW commissions, YCH (paw) (OPEN)

    Hey there. I'm new around here and looking to take some commissions :3 All of my examples right now are NSFW/nudes, and that's primarily what I'm looking to do. All prices are for full body. All samples are NSFW. I AM SELLING LIMITED RUN YCH with some dragon-y feet and a... male apparatus ;)...