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  1. MsRavage

    may i draw your sona? (free art)

    post your reference and i'll draw if i can.
  2. MsRavage

    Happy valentines day free sketch!!!!

    Whats up and happy love day. I wanted to doodle some stuff so put your reference and i'll do something valentine day related to it. <3
  3. MsRavage

    Free Art: Help me fight boredom by doodling

    I’m bored. Post a reference and let’s see where this goes. An FYI, I get creative freedom...I may* do nsfw but I rarely do that and don’t know how I’d post them. Anywho, LETSGOOOOO
  4. MsRavage

    im looking for an art trade

    I really want to work on some digital art atm. I want to go all out. Anyone want to do a trade? (i feel if i keep drawing my sona i won't learn) Userpage of MsRavage -- Fur Affinity [dot] net is my art if you want to look at it
  5. MsRavage

    hey, lemme draw your sona

    im doodling! practicing some stuff...post a reference lemme doodle. its traditional art tho
  6. MsRavage

    i want to sketch your sona :3

    come, put forth a reference and i may sketch it. I'm just trying to practice and i want to work on some stuff so yeah :3
  7. MsRavage

    Tips for the poor artist

    I want to improve my art. I wanted to learn how to animate and make animations. I ended up buying a video that taught how to make a walk cycle but was wondering if anyone had any additional links or tips. I know i need to get an editing program, a sound program, i'll probably need a better...
  8. MsRavage

    im a little burnt out

    okay...quite a lot on art. I love drawing, i love pushing...but i think i may have overdone it and now when i try to draw its just....not good. I am trying to figure out what to do to get past this....what do you do when you get burnt out? this is most likely due to other components of...
  9. MsRavage

    free art :O

    i need some practice with digital art so if you'd like some free art let me know. I am having huge art block so this usually helps :) (i won't be able to do all of them tho so sorry if i dont get to you)
  10. MsRavage

    can i draw your sona?

    I need some practice with digital art so what better way than to force myself to draw other people's sonas. Just throw a ref sheet/pic at me and i'll see what i can do.
  11. MsRavage

    scary videos

    ok....im a scared little dragon when it comes to scary stuff; my friend showed me me this top 15 video and it scared me and now im afraid to go to sleep....luckily the only dolls i have are pokemon plushies and they can be as haunted as they want. So, do you guys have any good ghost or spooky...
  12. MsRavage

    Im going to vent

    OK, SO...i would consider myself a generally tough adaptable individual..but that doesn't mean the daily struggles i deal with don't phase me...and well today...even though they happen all the time...im exceptionally upset about them. I don't have a family to support me...i have my Bf and...
  13. MsRavage

    I just saw wonder woman!!

    and i liked it! I was wondering though, what others thought about it? also, what do you think about the new justice league movie coming out?
  14. MsRavage

    I want practice! so, can i draw your fursona?

    I am only a traditional artist since I don't have a tablet (although im slowly saving up to get one) but if anyone wants me to draw their fursona i'd be really happy to!! Rules are : i get artistic freedom and can use my medium of choice (its either marker, watercolor, or colored pencil lol) and...
  15. MsRavage

    How do you not get discouraged?

    lately i've had some pretty intense art block. I cannot draw anything and it bums me out...then i look around and see this beautiful art...how does one not become jealous or discouraged....usually i'll tell myself "don't worry if you practice you will get there someday" but for the past couple...
  16. MsRavage

    Hello, nice to meet you.

    Hi just wanted to introduce myself. I am an artist that felt if i surround myself with other artists and creative people it will inspire me to continue practicing my art!! That being said I love drawing animals, anime characters, and other things. I have pets, go to school, and enjoy reading...