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  1. Mr. Sparta

    Things that we've lost:

    Reasons to post here. This place is just feels threads and shitposting. Not like it wasn't before.
  2. Mr. Sparta

    Things you used to hate but now like/love

    Re: Things you used to have but now like/love Protein shakes, treadmill exercise (because Netflix), spooky movies, the female body (puberty), coffee.
  3. Mr. Sparta

    Words you never said

    "Mom, I've been lying to you. I've been hiding things. The truth is..."
  4. Mr. Sparta

    Why Are Furries Awesome?

    Because we take shitposting seriously.
  5. Mr. Sparta

    Why are all furries faggots?

    No better way to start the day than shitposting, amirite?
  6. Mr. Sparta


    Happy to see there's a lot of lego enthusiasts here. They were freakin awesome. I also had an N64 back when everyone had gamecubes and ps2's. My brother and I were always behind a bit. We played a ton of Goldeneye and the original Smash Bros. Also we had Spy Fox, Freddie Fish and Pajama Sam for...
  7. Mr. Sparta

    I need your opinion on this matter of importance

    Google's just jelly over the perfection of dat ass.
  8. Mr. Sparta

    You ever get super fucking confused about the people who follow you

    I've gotten a shiton of paw/foot fetish people after that one guy commissioned me a tickle torture story. TBH I saw that coming a lightyear away.
  9. Mr. Sparta

    Have you ever stopped considering yourself as a furry?

    The real question is if I even started.
  10. Mr. Sparta

    r/coontown...are you serious?

    This thread evolved from people ranting about race issues, to a mild-mannered anthropology discussion. This forum surprises me sometimes.
  11. Mr. Sparta

    r/coontown...are you serious?

    >How do I Darwin? When human group A is separated from human group B, their genes will diverge over a generations.
  12. Mr. Sparta

    r/coontown...are you serious?

    The college admission process, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, and now MTV say otherwise. For instance: http://fuckyeahdeadcrackers.tumblr.com/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mtv-white-people-documentary_55a949cae4b0caf721b2b6e2
  13. Mr. Sparta

    FAF Teamspeak 3 Server

    I feel bad for not showing up much either. I guess I've been occupied with other stuff.
  14. Mr. Sparta


    Thats so kawaii that I think I just had a stroke for both sides of my body.
  15. Mr. Sparta

    Some help please?

    The politically correct term for furrys is "Non-human sex partners" You don't want to come off as a bigot, do you?
  16. Mr. Sparta

    So about commissioning 'Fetishy/raunchy' art...

    I just finished writing a fetish commission for someone. It wasn't too bad, really. We're all a little weird in different ways. There are many different people who are into different things, and I respect that.
  17. Mr. Sparta

    Your Evolution

    Okay, lets go to the year 7 BF (before furry). I was at a Walmart when I found a demo for this new game called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. If you don't know, the game revolves around a transformation based mystery. Those kinds of things got me antsy. I think I remember Emperor's...
  18. Mr. Sparta

    Raise you hand if your a Homestuck

    Homestuck's a webcomic for weebs and edgelords. Thats all you need to know
  19. Mr. Sparta

    Children/Teenagers in the furry fandom

    Little Johnny's gotta figure it out sooner or later. His parents can't hide from him that he's a wolfdragonfelinewithrainbownuts forever.
  20. Mr. Sparta

    Sparta wants to tell your story ($6-$9)

    So yeah, I'm interested in doing some writing commissions. Link to relevant FA journal http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6867746/ I want to keep it basic for now. $6 for SFW stories, $9 for NSFW. Sound simple? Good. I would love it for people to respond. It would make my day, and I'll make...