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  1. Fenrari

    Paying for a FWA related commission

    As you may or may not know, this year's FWA theme is Furry's in Love. I'm thinking of a door picture (something to hang on my hotel door to distinguish the room as mine) A header of "Fen's Pavilion of Sensual Pleasures" And then a naughty pic of my Fursona naked and a highly convenient...
  2. Fenrari

    Post Convention Traveling

    So up to late I've decided to add an extra day or two to my convention related travel plans. The extra day was supposed to be for me to be my inner tourist and travel around the town and see/do things in the area. This year I still have FWA, AC and RF to hit up. I'm quite familiar with the...
  3. Fenrari

    Have Room for FWA. Looking for More.

    Good Day Fuzzies. Fenrari has 2 beds at FWA and is looking for roomies! I have the room for 4 nights Check In: March 14th (Thursday Aft) Check Out: March 17th (Monday Morn) Room will cost ~$160/person. Less depending on how many offers I get. Looking for 4 or 5 people total for room. If...
  4. Fenrari

    Commissioning a Fenrari Fursuit (partial)

    Many Salutations to all of you. This wolf has a proposition to any who may endear him with a response. I've been looking to grab a partial for ages now. And now that I'm financially in a stable situation, I have the resources to purchase said suit. I'm considering a partial for the time...
  5. Fenrari

    Would like some ideas on fursuit makers.

    So I've been wanting a fursuit for ages now. And with stable job. And ya know not being homeless and broke and all; I can finally make this happen. But my main dilemma is that I can't find a fursuit maker for the life of me that has the right feel for a suit yet. I want a facial expression...
  6. Fenrari

    Looking for a Badge for delivery at FC

    I just realized I don't have a new badge for FC!!!!!! QUE HORROR! Something spaceyish. With a hint of cute? Smug and adorable obligatory factors too. Worse comes to worse I'll ask for Fen in a star trek themed badge. Think you can deliver to FC?
  7. Fenrari

    Looking for a Skyrim themed piece

    So I'm replaying Skyrim now that I got a free copy of it for my new 360. And thinking to myself... Fenrari would probably look pretty awesome in the Dark Brotherhood outfit (-hood) dual casting an alteration spell. If what I just typed flew over your head... Chances are you don't have the...
  8. Fenrari

    Looking for Artist who does Adorable Art

    Been a bit since I commissioned a cute piece so I'm looking for someone who can fit that bill. Can you draw the super cute and adorable that instantly makes people go D'AWWWWW? Then I'm looking for you! Will pay between $15-> $40.
  9. Fenrari

    Want something to top one of my previous badges.

    After actually getting to wear it around in person at Megaplex. I've come to the realization that one of my badges has thus far garnered more interest and awesome compliments than all others. (To the point where one of the artists I commissioned at the con cancelled on me because she felt that...
  10. Fenrari

    Considering a Partial

    Good day! Fenrari is thinking of getting a partial. Because he'd die of heat stroke wearing a full in the Florida heat. Oh wise people on this forum! What should I look for in getting a partial? Are there any specifics I should look into? I have long hair, how do I best restrain it so as...
  11. Fenrari

    Looking for Artist for Reference Sheet

    Now that I am happily employed and making a reasonable paycheck (which may actually get larger in the very near future); I once again have monies to spend on furry art and porn and stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have touched because it would be unethical to spend money that I didn't have. But...
  12. Fenrari

    Apartment Issues :/

    So g'day all you lovely furries. I'm sure some of you have had a hand at the issues I'm experiencing right now. So who better to consult about it all. Anyway... New job starts in 2 weeks. And I'm still trying to find a place to stay. It just so happens that A. Most leases don't start in the...
  13. Fenrari

    Furry Car Decals

    So appologies if this thread is in the wrong sub-forum but I figured I might as well ask here. I recently inherited the old family car and decided on deep cleaning the accumilated trash out of it. It's lovely and clean now :) But still. I want to personalize her. So I was thinking furry...
  14. Fenrari

    Care to Draw for a Wolf's Birthday?

    In less than an hour and a half of posting this thread; Fen will have revolved around the sun 23 times. And while it's a faux pas to request cakeday/birthday/*insertgenerictermforbirthdayhere* gifts; I have a feeling none of the people I've given gifts for in the past will remember me and in...
  15. Fenrari

    Anyone ever had a Skype Interview before?

    So there's a small tech company based in Orlando. Nothing huge or anything, but not only do I like what they stand for and the positions open are things I'm qualified for. I applied for one of their sales positions and another as tech support. Less than 12 hours later I submitted my...
  16. Fenrari

    Do something about the "Livestream" posts.

    I do apologize if I come off as rude towards some or any party who may read this post. As a frequenter of FA; I am constantly being barraged by people who have submissions and journals advertising the fact that they're live streaming. Now in itself I have no issue with this. Livestreams are...
  17. Fenrari

    FAF meetup at AC2012

    While I may have choice words for a portion of the forums; I don't think that level of distaste can't be remedied by some good old hanging out. AC2012 is coming up. And SOON. Who all would like to hang out? for a bit at the con? I'm sure we can all find time during one of the days to either...
  18. Fenrari

    Need Some Recommendations

    While going through my twitter feed; I happened upon upon a tweet about studies that show upbeat music can help mitigate the effects of depression. And while my play lists aren't downcast; I could always use some recommendations for new music. Below is a short list of artists I enjoy...
  19. Fenrari

    Target Audience

    A friend and I was conversing the other day and we ended up discussing the brilliance that is Adventure Time and the Regular Show. Now if you haven't watched them :/ SHAME ON YOU. As for the actual discussion; we got past the regular mumbojumbo about favorite episodes or the naming of each...
  20. Fenrari

    Would you consider dating someone older/younger than you?

    And by my question I'm not saying a few months or a year or 2; I'm considering an age difference around the lines of a decade or two. As it would be the question popped in mind after an incident that happened a few weeks ago with one of the cute local furs I finally got around to making an...