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  1. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Aw, thanks! ^^;
  2. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Last sculpt of 2019.
  3. Anthrasmagoria

    About your town.

    It's where King Arthur is supposed to have been born.
  4. Anthrasmagoria

    Thanks! Drop me a note anytime if you need the info! :)

    Thanks! Drop me a note anytime if you need the info! :)
  5. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Thanks so much! <3 I'll get it packed up tonight for you and ready to ship tomorrow. :) (P.S. I'll send you parcel tracking on Storenvy.)
  6. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Just an FYI, I am currently open for commissions, sculpts or 2D digital, drop me an email if interested :)
  7. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Friendly Yan
  8. Anthrasmagoria

    Do you have a life?

    I do have a life, I'm not shut-in or have any sort of psych issues that prevent me going out. I just live in a remote area and I recently was diagnosed with RA and fibromyalgia, so that pretty much rules out a wild social life. I try to stay active. My favourite pastime is freediving. But that...
  9. Anthrasmagoria

    The Great Hot Beverage War of 19-20!!!

    Decaff. I had to switch to it after my coffee intake threatened to make me start tidying up.
  10. Anthrasmagoria

    On Artists: Avoiding the "Likes" Blackhole

    When/if your art becomes a job, popularity becomes important and you can end up falling into that trap of needing to generate that interest or money and not following your heart. Art can be unhappy if you aren't doing it from the heart.
  11. Anthrasmagoria

    Most expensive furry art you've seen?

    They do say art is only worth whatever someone's willing to pay for it. . . I would guess this fursuit maker is either very well-known/well skilled and a good networker if they confidently charge this much regularly, or they might just be trying their luck. There are tailors and seamstresses...
  12. Anthrasmagoria

    What other fandoms have you been in?

    I'm a longtime fan of the Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear franchises. I've been a regular in most of their "big" forum communities for a long time.
  13. Anthrasmagoria

    Most expensive furry art you've seen?

    That's a lot of money, but having recently dabbled in making some large plush toys myself, the materials costs can skyrocket when using top quality fur and other materials.
  14. Anthrasmagoria

    Working online...any tips to avoid scams and get legitimate work?

    Copywriting and proofreading could be options from home.
  15. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Environment concept sketch, characters from my graphic novel.
  16. Anthrasmagoria

    Any furry youtubers here?

    It might be a good idea to make secondary accounts on alternative platforms anyway just in case. I have one on Bitchute and Vimeo in case Youtube goes completely downhill or in case the others become more popular.
  17. Anthrasmagoria

    Any furry youtubers here?

    I'm hoping to make some art-related ones in the near future. But given the state of Youtube's policies at the moment, I don't wonder if I won't be better off hosting them somewhere different. It's as if the "You" has gone out of Youtube and they want to drive people off platform. I have an...
  18. Anthrasmagoria

    Conservation and Wildlife (Almost $100 already donated)

    Agreed. But long story short, I don't think the wildlife has the time. Humans are the current mass extinction event for most large mammal species on earth and there probably won't be any sustainable populations of them 50 years hence if there's only talk and study and no on-the-ground action to...
  19. Anthrasmagoria

    Conservation and Wildlife (Almost $100 already donated)

    Scientists who study the reserves know that they already have to cull lions, elephants, herbivores etc. to maintain the populations at numbers the land area can sustain. Someone has to pull the trigger, and it makes more sense to have someone who is bringing money in to do it than someone who...