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  1. SwampGoat

    Fursuiting for Broke Noobs

    This would go over quite well at the meet. I'm sure.
  2. SwampGoat

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    Yeah, I got that. I was commenting on how we just exchanged insults.
  3. SwampGoat

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    Gardes don! See we're friends already.
  4. SwampGoat

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    All good, you don't have to drink beer. Whatever suits your tastes bro. Hell, we don't even have to throw hands. We'll just grab a drink, and talk some shit. I'll buy. All company is welcome (other than SJWs) around me. While I don't like anime, I do like gaming. I'll call you a weeb, and we'll...
  5. SwampGoat

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    Well that's really what I was trying to say. Just be confident in who you are. It's hard not to care what other people think of you. Until you realize that most people you meet don't ever think about you. Seriously, only friends and family really think about you for more than a second. You think...
  6. SwampGoat

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    I mispoke. You really need to absolutely be yourself. I'm not saying be fake. All I'm saying is that if you want to talk with people, realize your self worth. I don't want anyone to "fake" around me. Then it's not like even interacting with someone real. I mean just be confident, and if you...
  7. SwampGoat

    What's the Story Behind your Username?

    Solid group all around dude. I call everybody dude btw.
  8. SwampGoat

    Help me identify this furry anime!

    Holy shit! I can feel the passion burning in that description. Not a big fan of anime, but I really hope you find out.
  9. SwampGoat

    Noob Brony

    Nice to meet you. You passin a good time, yeah?
  10. SwampGoat

    Who Here Suffers from Anxiety?

    Anxiety? No. Demons? Possibly. Though I may be guilty of some things, have my own shortcomings I am generally happy. I try to not dwell on worrisome things that are not under my control. That is part of my philosophy, so unwarranted anxiety does not easily haunt me.
  11. SwampGoat

    What's the Story Behind your Username?

    Sic is actually my favorite song by them.
  12. SwampGoat

    What's up

    Thanks! I've noticed a lot of folks on here enjoy metal. Laissez les bon temps rouler, my friend.
  13. SwampGoat

    The Retro Thread

    Define retro.
  14. SwampGoat


  15. SwampGoat

    WTF is "awooo"ing?

    Damn, Mr. Zevon has some hefty fines to pay. XD
  16. SwampGoat

    What's the Story Behind your Username?

    I'm from the swamp, and goats are awesome. Pretty simple, sort of boring. Also, there is a stoner/doom metal song called Swamp Goat.
  17. SwampGoat

    Finding Friar Don

    This thread has the title of an old obscure movie.
  18. SwampGoat

    What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

    Guitar, bass guitar, piano, hammered dulcimer
  19. SwampGoat

    What is it about gore and vore that people like?

    Honestly, not a huge gore fan. I mean I guess it's cool if I'm jamming some Dying Fetus or Cannibal Corpse. But I really don't understand it as for as this fandom goes. But humans themselves are notoriously morbid. I think it's actually a survival instinct. Like watching from a safe distance to...