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  1. T.Y.

    Fantisy SetList

    Ok, lets say your favorite band (doesnt matter it be rock, rap, or etc) said they are doing a World tour and they want you to make a set list for them! also if you want include a encore if you want *note: I dunno if this topic belongs here, if its not please move it* You have a 25 song limit...
  2. T.Y.

    Furry looking at yiff in school

    HE COULD BE ON HERE RIGHT NOW. Who knows It could be me!!!
  3. T.Y.

    what furry are you ? * points*

    1 word Foxy
  4. T.Y.

    Who hates what type of music???

    I hate Hip hop Rap is meh, Ok fine, i'll listen to it for a bit.. I love Rock, (mostly 80s-90s) I like new rock too, Like "The Answer," "Jackyl", Theory of a deadman" etc etc. I listen to hip hop and I say, "Where did that AC/DC go?"
  5. T.Y.

    Who's the REAL Worst Band?

    Many people might disagree with me But Dragonforce should be on this list No offence but Dragonforce is a terrible piece of shit band deep down... The recording is good because they have computers and stuff to make it sound cool.. Their only good song, is Through the fire and flames and noone...
  6. T.Y.

    What are your most favorite weapons?

    Gun Heatseaker Heatseeker Single The power of Angus Young Ladder Chair Table burning table Sludgehammer Sword the fists of fury Heatbutting Pepper Spray Paddle Bombs My cock Glass Broken Glass Kicking Cell Phone battery i might think of more soon.
  7. T.Y.

    Band or artist of the moment?

    1 Band AC/DC
  8. T.Y.

    America Vs Europe

    Europe. Because of the Angus Statue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhHjDNnJilg After high school im gonna go on a Euro Trip lol
  9. T.Y.

    Strange things you've found

    This is a true story. I was walking in the woods. and there was a bench (many people luved to f*ck in these woods, and i found muiltple condoms. but nvm that But on that bench, people carved stuff in it. and i saw that someone carved "Furfags Unite" I just loled cause i couldnt believe i...
  10. T.Y.

    How do you shower?

    1st off i wanna say very sexy question and its a good one. I shower facing the water, and i take showers in the morning, i feel so refreshed then.
  11. T.Y.

    So I drunk my first beer this week

    Beer tastes good... I had my 1st beer when i was like 8....
  12. T.Y.

    Your idols in music

    Angus Young-Guitarist AC/DC Brian Johnson-Vocals AC/DC Malcolm Young-Guitarist AC/DC Bon Scott (R.I.P 1980)-Singer AC/DC Chris Slade (Drummer 1988-1994) AC/DC Keth Richards, Manic1075 Little richard Chuck barry all my musicial idols. I will soon have Brian's Autograph!
  13. T.Y.

    Who's the REAL Worst Band?

    Soulja Boy is a retard.... his only fans are Kids and Teenagers who are failing through life... I voted for him. Im not a rly big fan of nickleback, i think they are overrated. but they are alright with what they do. they could be better The Naked Brothers Band is terrible, its not even a...
  14. T.Y.

    Favorite actors

  15. T.Y.

    Fight at AC/DC concert.

    Funny story I went to a AC/DC concert myself in detroit with my mom, when my mom was backing out she hit a car (Not going rly fast, the car was parked, and when she backed out she hit it) She was like "Oh god that car is a piece of Shit anyways!"
  16. T.Y.

    We got out of school early!

    Yesterday i got out of school early at like noon. cause noone felt like staying the whole day there. seriously.
  17. T.Y.

    Fight at AC/DC concert.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NmniA6KK4A&feature=channel_page I hate people like this. who think they are so tough lol. rly lol why cant they just be a little nicer and stuff. I hope that guy gets what he deserved. Must of had too many drinks lol
  18. T.Y.

    Any youtube poop fans?

    Btw... I thought this was a Youtube Poop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOKxYnohZhI&feature=channel_page But then i found the annoying versions.
  19. T.Y.

    Grandma's Kisses

    K did anyone ever see this video? its one of the funniest shit ive ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNtPSqgPOec Grandma's kisses imo is the funniest video i ever saw on the net. (Warning this video is very very dirty) Enjoy
  20. T.Y.

    Any youtube poop fans?

    No. I dont like em. i find them annoying