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  1. T.Y.

    Fantisy SetList

    Ok, lets say your favorite band (doesnt matter it be rock, rap, or etc) said they are doing a World tour and they want you to make a set list for them! also if you want include a encore if you want *note: I dunno if this topic belongs here, if its not please move it* You have a 25 song limit...
  2. T.Y.

    Fight at AC/DC concert.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NmniA6KK4A&feature=channel_page I hate people like this. who think they are so tough lol. rly lol why cant they just be a little nicer and stuff. I hope that guy gets what he deserved. Must of had too many drinks lol
  3. T.Y.

    Grandma's Kisses

    K did anyone ever see this video? its one of the funniest shit ive ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNtPSqgPOec Grandma's kisses imo is the funniest video i ever saw on the net. (Warning this video is very very dirty) Enjoy
  4. T.Y.

    Wii Trouble.

    NOTE: didnt know if this goes here or gaming section. Today i was playing Smackdown 2009 on wii having a blast, and then the screen turned black, and then it gave me a error message saying A error has accorded please look at the Wii Operation Manual for my information.. Now we all get that...
  5. T.Y.

    Anyone ever see this show

    Anyways one of my friends on MSN the other day sent me this show from the UK. and i found the show quite interesting. Its called "How clean is your house?" Its a show where these 2 old bitches go to dirty pig sties and they search and SHOW them how to clean and its quite funny imo. Heres links...
  6. T.Y.

    DVD-R Trouble.

    Well a week ago i bought a "Dazzle" which is a DVD recorder (works like a capture card) anywho, i got some old VHS tapes of mine and i wanted to put them on DVD. (I went to Wal-Mart and bought DVD-R format DVDs) Now i got my old videos, used the dazzle, made the dvd, my VHS movie was on the DVD...
  7. T.Y.

    Fraps Problem,

    Over the past 2 months i recorded some game footage and i put them on the web. Now, Fraps is the best screen recorder i could find and it worked great. Until yesterday, when I recorded my gameplay using fraps my FPS on my nintendo 64 emulator (project 64) went down to 30. which made it slow...
  8. T.Y.

    Request: My new fursona..

    Hello everyone, well, when it comes to requesting something i feel really nervous, anywho im only 14 and i cant draw worth shit.. so yeah. a few weeks ago i broke up with my Ex Boyfriend, and well, the fursona he gave me i dont really like (a video game charictor i never heard of =P) (the one...
  9. T.Y.

    another i dont care if you dont like wrestling you gotta see this.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XJF7huzUis Super mario music epic WWF never did the 24/7 rule like this, it was always at a hotel or something but this is truely EPIC
  10. T.Y.

    Anyone ever watch this show?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8RjWIXQBrE&feature=related just wondering, anyone watch this show? its sometimes funny cause the fact that shes like old and stuff and talking about that. thats kinda funny, and a little educational anyone ever watch this?
  11. T.Y.

    Does this girl have a disease? YOU DECIDE!

    Well, i was at the dentist the other day and I was watching the Maury show im not a big fan of these shows, but they told me to hold still when i was getting my braces, and i watched tv. and l laughed my ass off when i saw this http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZA67Y8zUojY This girl in the 9th grade...
  12. T.Y.

    Any Wrestling/Fighting fans ever play this series?

    Any of you guys play the fire pro wrestling series? (video of Fire pro returns http://youtube.com/watch?v=iNBCBkorcII&feature=related ) the reason why I prefer Fire pro other any other wrestling game (besides King of collisum 2) is becasue You can create anyone you can make a ring you can make...
  13. T.Y.

    whats the grossest thing ever

    Just wondering what do you this is the grossest thing ever If i can pick one, it would be 2 girls 1 finger. (grosser squeal to 2 girls 1 cup) serousily i threw up during the thing so what do you think is the grossest thing ever?
  14. T.Y.

    What do you think is the Worst game ever?

    In your opinion what is the worst game ever made In my opinion its Strawbarry shortcake for the Atari http://youtube.com/watch?v=4jrsKB4g8s0 its just horrible (that is NOT me) So yeah, what do you think is the worst game ever?
  15. T.Y.

    Frets on Fire

    Well this isnt a game question its more of a Hardware question... Ive been playing this for about 2 days, and im using it on my laptop... and Laptop keys suck. serouisly i had my birthday recently and i wanna spent some of my money on a Gutair hero Gutair for the game However, I dunno if...
  16. T.Y.

    I Dont care if you like wrestling or not, you gotta see this.

    The Worst match ever. http://youtube.com/watch?v=RUS_AlcJwow Serouisly even if you hate wrestling, you will (or might) Lol to this. and this is something that might make your eyes water. If you dont like the sport this will make you hate it more. (BTW i hope this isnt spam ^^; I dunno if its...
  17. T.Y.

    Hi Hi im new ^-^

    Hey everyone, Im new and Im a pretty nice furry I like R.Ping and other stuff lol I dont like Rap music i think its just the same sound and beat everytime and theres no instruments being used at all.. However i like Rock, Heavy metal, and video game tracks. my favorite band is AC/DC. and i...