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  1. skeletonizedskull

    casual bubble/rubber related RP existence

    Hey, I'm looking to see if anyone wants to try some simple story RP with some bubble/rubber stuff shoved in for the sake of "why not?" I'm fairly active all day and could RP at anytime [given that I'm not already occupied with something else], and I can go for a couple hours or so to RP. Length...
  2. skeletonizedskull

    Develop of skill

    If there's one thing I like to do, it's torturing myself with re-reading the old comics and drawings I made back in 6th to early 10th grade-- because after that, things were't as bombastic and stupid in my art. But the thing I actually like to do is compare how well I've improved my work from...
  3. skeletonizedskull

    looking to do a fantasy, Slice-Of-Life, or Action RP of sort

    I'm looking for someone who likes to do action RPs, fantasy related, or just some nice slice-of-life RPs [which can also be ridiculous or over-the-top; story and characters are also a priority to me, 'cause crafting a neat story is a good time. I'm on Discord, so if you find the thing below...
  4. skeletonizedskull

    Which character is the most appealing/interesting?

    So I drew up some characters for a thing I'm doing, and I'd like to ask you what the title of this thread asks of you: "Which one appeals to you the most?"
  5. skeletonizedskull

    What's easier to make: 2D or 3D art?

    As someone who draws constantly and models various characters, environments, etc., I find both types of art to be in rather similar fields of difficulties [There are exceptions to this, of course, like what I could actually make in 3D vs what I can draw];the main difference [for me] between 2D...
  6. skeletonizedskull

    how does this dress look

    As the title implies, I'm makin' a dress for this character. If you give two shits to care and respond, how does it look?
  7. skeletonizedskull

    bubbles are cool

    Bubbles are cool. But what's uncool is how many pictures of bubbles being bounced on, played with, or just laid on [non-sexually/lewd] is minimal when compared to how many are sexualized, given lewd visuals, or fetishized. I understand that those kinds of pictures [non-sexual bubble pictures]...