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  1. Razrroth

    Your opinions on the connection between kinks and cartoons?

    I was having a discussion with my hubby about a week ago, and was wondering what people have to say about the unique kinks I see presented primarily in the furry fandom and how they related to common themes in older childhood cartoons? What I mean is, having seen more and more random fetish and...
  2. Razrroth

    Please share soulful, hip-hop/rap songs

    This is going to be kind of specific, as I have a very limited interest in rap/hiphop music, but I'm trying to extend the scope of songs I know and like. My fiance loves rap, so I try to find tolerable music I can listen to with him. c: I'm not looking for hateful*, distasteful, gore/murder...
  3. Razrroth

    Forum How to contact Admin for bday change?

    I literally just made my account here, and it's nearly 1am. In my tired stupor, I went to update profile info and noticed when making my account I messed up my birthday input! I'm used to hitting 12-21-92, in that order, so I hit Dec-12-92 instead of 21. Oops. Simple fix, I hope. Not a big...