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  1. Bokcutter

    YCH: Auction or Commission New arrivals!! {NSFW}

    NFSW warning on all Links provided! I only 9hours left, I guess I need spread more information about this. But I have a YCH sadly, I don't think I can post it here but if you are interested starting at $35 I can always link you the information. I have also another YCH just for the price of 80...
  2. Bokcutter

    My First Sona

    Her name is Titi HOpe you guys enjoy
  3. Bokcutter

    What sort of Sona am I?

    Been thinking about it. Maybe I will just draw Ocs But i am not use to drawing furries. I like Monkeys and oddly Giraffes Long story short I picked Giraffe!
  4. Bokcutter

    Adopt Me: starting at 30 Dollars

    www.furaffinity.net: Adopt Me: $30 [OPEN] by Bokcutter Hey you guys I am Bokcutter from DA And I would like to sell this character! I am also can do commissions Currently looking for simple work to do, however, Please look at my stuff and see if you are interestedin. Userpage of Bokcutter --...