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  1. Razrroth

    Your opinions on the connection between kinks and cartoons?

    Oh, I hadn't seen that. I haven't actually had time to do much poking around for research topics, what with all my commissions to work on, but it sounds like an interesting read. If you find it, please share! ~ Again - to anyone dropping by - this is fueled purely by curiosity, not negativity...
  2. Razrroth

    New original species. (Feedback requested)

    I wouldn't say you have to drop the gemstone names completely if you don't know all the background lore of Steven Universe, especially if it's just for titles rather than personality differences. The big thing with SU is that every "gem" character is supposed to be the same personality to the...
  3. Razrroth

    Your opinions on the connection between kinks and cartoons?

    I was having a discussion with my hubby about a week ago, and was wondering what people have to say about the unique kinks I see presented primarily in the furry fandom and how they related to common themes in older childhood cartoons? What I mean is, having seen more and more random fetish and...
  4. Razrroth

    Liking Humans - is it Frowned upon..?

    I've thought about this a bit myself, too! I always figured a furry that was into humans would be more into how humans are attracted to the softness or textures of animal furs, rather than how physically attractive the humans are (that would just be a plus to the situation). I mean, speaking...
  5. Razrroth

    Fursona Registry

    I don't actually know if a tool/site like this would be a good or bad thing. Some people are mighty protective of their characters, and others are evil enough to purposely steal unique designs and pretend they didn't. By having them all listed out in the open next to each other, it could be...
  6. Razrroth

    New original species. (Feedback requested)

    Based on the lore of these creatures, the naming scheme is pretty interesting, although it was described in a pretty convoluted way. It took me a few times to realize you meant that while most dragons were mainly in the range of black-white, there are also colored dragons, but that the names...
  7. Razrroth

    Please share soulful, hip-hop/rap songs

    Thank you all for the song suggestions! There's some hit n' miss songs for me personally, but there's definitely some interesting stuff here. Glad to see some different kinds of music represented. It just shows there's still a lot out there I haven't heard of. It's hard to find the older and...
  8. Razrroth

    Please share soulful, hip-hop/rap songs

    This is going to be kind of specific, as I have a very limited interest in rap/hiphop music, but I'm trying to extend the scope of songs I know and like. My fiance loves rap, so I try to find tolerable music I can listen to with him. c: I'm not looking for hateful*, distasteful, gore/murder...
  9. Razrroth

    Forum How to contact Admin for bday change?

    I literally just made my account here, and it's nearly 1am. In my tired stupor, I went to update profile info and noticed when making my account I messed up my birthday input! I'm used to hitting 12-21-92, in that order, so I hit Dec-12-92 instead of 21. Oops. Simple fix, I hope. Not a big...
  10. Razrroth

    Working hard on Commissions!

    Working hard on Commissions!